The Matrix

Not rated yet!
Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski
2 h 16 min
Release Date
30 March 1999
Action, Science Fiction
Set in the 22nd century, The Matrix tells the story of a computer hacker who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth.
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  • To Cut Up a Mockingbird: Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)

    [1]6,095 words

    Harper Lee
    Go Set a Watchman: A Novel [2]
    Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2015

    “I almost don’t care what the critics say as long as I can write another one.”[1]

    Mockingbird is a classic, but you’ve probably read it before, and it’s no more relevant to your future legal career than 12 Angry Men is to picking a jury. They’re both realist presentations written through idealist, dramatic glasses.”[2]

    On Friday night, a comedian died in New York. Somebody knows why. Down there, somebody knows . . .

    No, wait, sorry — wrong Watchman, wrong pop culture meme.[3]

    Constant Readers who recall my inability to join the teenage cult of Tolkien will not be surprised to hear that I have never read (Nelle) Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, nor seen the film. It seems to be the sort of pious claptrap that “everyone” reads, and I just can’t stomach.[4]

    In any event, I never read “the original.” For all I know, it may have been “assigned,” but in that case I didn’t read it either — a not infrequent occurrence in my slapdash schooldays.[5]

    Nor can I be bothered to figure out the conflicting, Rashomon-like accounts of just what relation this book bears to the sainted classic.[6]

    Relying on the redoubtable Margot Metroland’s account here of the hidden genesis of Mockingbird,[7] I think we can say that what we have here is close to the original MS Lee submitted, before the editors told her to junk the narrative of present-day, 26-year old Jean Louise, write more about the recollections of 6-year-old Jean (“Scout”) into the main narrative,[8] expand the rape trial into the moral and narrative centerpiece, and for God’s sake cut all the talk about racism, pro and con.

    And I don’t propose to read it now, so here’s your special treat: a review by someone with no preconceived ideas about the story, or vested interest in preserving blessed childhood illusions. And the death of childhood illusions is what the book is about.

    Well, it’s an enjoyable if forgettable read, written with an intelligent though not flashy style. The editors who read this and ordered a complete re-write were, I think, wrong, although with two years on the best seller list, a Pulitzer Prize, and a hit movie, it’s hard to argue with them; perhaps they “sensed” they could make something more out of it. The experience, however, did seem to sour Ms. Lee on the whole writing thing.

    Oh, but then there’s also the horrible “racism” of the first draft. That issue is perhaps best handled while looking at the style itself, the unity of style and message being itself a sign of the talent behind the writing.

    On her first Sunday back in her childhood home, Jean Louise of course attends church with her family. The church organist essays the doxology at a faster, High Church tempo, and the congregation sticks to their lugubrious Southern Baptist rendition. This leads to a stern rebuke from Uncle Jack after services, where we learn that the music director has just got back from choir camp, where the leader — from New Jersey, no less — has given him a whole list of supposed “improvements” for the church’s music.[9] He’s dubious, and the stubborn resistance of even worldly, bachelor aesthete Jack — who drops the Catholic phrase “D. V.” which he glosses for Jean as “God willin’” and seems tailor-made for this kind of “smells and bells” — convinces him he’s right to drop the whole matter.

    It may seem like a delaying tactic — come on, make with the inbred racism already! — but it neatly encapsulates the whole position the South finds itself in — stubbornly resisting “improvement” suggested — or demanded — by the North, in the name of preserving local traditions.[10]

    As we move on, apart from a few flashback sequences that are apparently the origin of the more assertively 1930s content of Mockingbird, we meet various characters in what is to today’s readers now their twenty years later form,[11] and Jean Louise, fresh from another year’s stay in New York,[12] is horrified each time by some new — to her, at least — manifestation of “racism.”

    Aunt Alexandra is a splendid creation, all corsets and scented face powder, the very embodiment of the Southern Way of Life (“They endured” as Faulkner would say).[13] Appropriately, then, she gets to delivery some of Lee’s toughest “racist” lines, as do Scout’s former gal pals.

    “Keeping a nigger happy these days is like catering to a king . . .”

    The men are a different story, weak and temporizing. Uncle Dr. Jack is a bachelor eccentric, living in a literary 19th century of the mind, and delivers a rambling, evasive, analogy-ridden defense that Steve Sailer could put in one sentence: a race is a large extended family that occasionally practices incest. He evidences the “we acknowledge some problems but we’re still proud of our land and its traditions” attitude currently under attack by those banning the Confederate battle flag and digging up the bones of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

    Hank, Jean Louis’ intended, is revealed a monster of social conformity that compares well with Lane, Franny’s obtuse boyfriend in Franny and Zooey. He sullies Jack’s views by adding a strong dollop of Babbitty “get along to go along” but then, like Clarice Starling, he’s only a generation away from trash.[14]

    Finally, she confronts the Big Guy himself, Atticus, her father and, as a result of the subsequent book and film, apparently most of (White) America’s father. And now the book’s big shock: Atticus is a racist!

    At first they reach common ground on rejecting the Court’s judicial overreaching, effectively repealing the 10th Amendment. This, of course, is already enough to sicken today’s Liberal. But what follows will scare the pants off them.

    “Jean Louise,” he said. “Have you ever considered that you can’t have a set of backward people living among people advanced in one kind of civilization and have a social Arcadia?”

    “Let’s look at it this way . . . You realize that our Negro population is backward, don’t you? You will concede that? You realize the full implications of the word ‘backward,’ don’t you? . . . You realize that the vast majority of them here in the South are unable to share fully in the responsibilities of citizenship, and why?”

    “Now think about this. What would happen if all the Negroes in the South were suddenly given full civil rights? I’ll tell you. There’d be another Reconstruction. Would you want your state governments run by people who won’t know how to run ‘em? Do you want this town run by — now wait a minute — Willoughby’s a crook, we know that, but do you know of any Negro who knows as much as Willoughby? Zeebo’d probably be Mayor of Maycomb. Would you want someone of Zeebo’s capability to handle the town’s money? We’re outnumbered, you know . . . They vote in blocs.

    “[T]he Negroes down here are still in their childhood as a people . . . The NAACP doesn’t care whether a Negro . . . tries to learn a trade and stand on his own two feet — oh no, all the NAACP cares about is that man’s vote.”

    And so on. The Guardian, bringing the frisson of distaste one might bring to, say, scraping a squashed raccoon off the driveway, finds the offense of Lee in her recourse to “biological determinism,” not just to account for racism but even for her own superiority, explaining that she was just “born color blind.”[15]

    Readers of Counter-Currents, however, may find all this rather tepid. Atticus is simply what we would today call a “race realist,”[16] with a dash of paternalism thrown in. But as The Guardian sternly advises us, both paternalism and “color-blindness” are badthinking today. To the modern Liberal, the more or less fierce confrontations between the Northernized Scout and her Southern role models are like arguments between the inmates of some racial insane asylum — a rather Southern Gothic notion at that.

    Neither Atticus nor Scout convinces the other, of course, and Uncle Jack is brought back to cobble together a kind of “higher” moral position: take no man as your infallible moral guide, and recognize and honor the human fallibility in all of us.

    The moral, if you will, is not one that will sit well with the Liberal either. Smash your idols? Kill the Buddha on the road? Sounds good, since the Liberal, like the proverbial college sophomore, only imagines smashing his own parents at the Thanksgiving table, not himself; that is, smashing idols by attacking and silencing them, not questioning his own views.

    What does a bigot do when he meets someone who challenges his opinions? He doesn’t give. He stays rigid. Doesn’t even try to listen, just lashes out.

    In short, the Liberal is as bigoted as any Klansman. What Uncle Jack means by tolerance is something rather different:

    “Good grief, baby, people don’t agree with the Klan, but they certainly don’t try to prevent them from puttin’ on sheets and making fools of themselves in public.”

    Well, these days “they” certainly do, most certainly, and that applies to a lot of things Uncle Jack couldn’t imagine anyone being crazy enough to believe could happen, such as flying the state flag, too. After all, some things are Just Wrong and someone — preferably the Government — should Do Something About It; otherwise, you’re As Bad as They Are.

    You could call what Jack and Atticus espouse, and bring Scout back to a grudging acceptance of, Olde Tyme Liberalism, I suppose, just as Atticus calls himself a “Jeffersonian Democrat” although, as Jean Louise points out, he voted for Eisenhower.[17]

    You could also call his views on race “olde tyme Liberalism,” too. Atticus believes that the negro is a childlike race, but he also believes in Progress: the negro can grow into his role in a modern society; the NAACP and the other Liberal busybodies are trying to force not only Southern society but the negro himself into too fast a rate of change. The stir-up negroes are more dissatisfied with their lot than ever, sullen and by turns demanding and ungrateful; a condition easily observed today. The ancient family retainer, Calpurnia, Scout’s surrogate mother, now barely recognizes her, seeing only just another White oppressor.

    If this is indeed what Lee wrote some 50 or 60 years ago, or close to it, and looking at today’s Birmingham, a disaster,[18] or Selma, where a movie celebrating the “victory” of MLK there fifty years ago can’t be shown, since all the movie theaters, along with most every other business, are closed, one can only applaud her prescience.[19]

    But let’s stick with this theme, as the intertwining of theme and style illustrates the perhaps unconsciously subtle style that Lee brings to the novel.

    Those who have made the transition away from the modern dogmas of Liberal goodthinking often use the metaphor, derived from They Live!, of being able to see.[20] And so during their final confrontation, Atticus frequently asks Scout to see, to look around, and to open her eyes. “Let’s look at it this way . . .”

    Scout, as we’ve seen, diagnoses herself as “born color-blind,” which she of course thinks is a good thing, while Atticus tries to convince her that it its, in fact, a handicap.[21]

    “You must see things as they are, as well as they should be.”[22]

    “See” occurs, with varying tenses, dozens of times in the course of the novel,[23] along with synonyms like “look” or “watch.”[24] Indeed, the latter is the chief symbol of the book, occurring in the title and inserted way back at that early chapter at church, where in the sermon text JHVH “sets a watchman” and Scout later muses

    Mr. Stone set a watchman in church yesterday. He should have provided me with one. I need a watchman to lead me around and declare what he seeth every hour on the hour.[25]

    As Uncle Jack says, in his convoluted “literary” way, and in what would appear to be the book’s moral:

    “Every man’s island, Jean Louise, every man’s watchman, is his conscience. There is no such thing as a collective conscious.”[26]

    This, of course, is why the modern Liberal has abandoned the “Watchman” metaphor, with its “biological determinism,” for one which emphasizes the passive, docile role of the masses: The Guardian. You must not see, you must be taught.[27]

    Speaking of conscience, that reminiscence about Scout’s falsies flap that Ms. Metroland singled out for enjoyment also contains an interesting lead related to sight: the insight that Atticus “wouldn’t be above throwing a little dust in a juryman’s eyes.” As she noted in her discussion of Mockingbird, in the famous rape trial

    [W]ise paterfamilias Atticus Finch emerges as one very sleazy lawyer. He does not merely provide competent defense for Tom Robinson, he gratuitously defames the poor girl Mayella Ewell. With no real evidence at hand, he weaves a tale in which she lusted after a crippled black man, and seduced him into fornication. It’s a hair-raising, lurid tale, but it is completely unnecessary.  . . . Atticus knows they’re not going to acquit his client, so he makes up an unpleasant tale about Mayella, all the while feigning pity for the pathetic lass. But it’s all invention and false sentiment, just like the fantasies that the Daily Worker conjured up about Willette Hawkins and Willie McGee.

    Of course, sacrificing the White trash so that one can preen over one’s moral righteousness is a trait Scout has, unknowingly, inherited from her father — childhood pal and sometime suitor Hank can be dismissed as White trash as soon as he starts with the racism, even though he’s working alongside her father.[28] But then that’s White privilege for ya.

    This is the kind of moralistic shystering that modern lawyering has become: drunk on Mockingbird and other pop legal memes, today’s law schools are full of so-called “idealists” who don’t intend to practice law so much as “overturn the system, man,” using any kind of legal trickery — theories far more sophisticated that Atticus’ courtroom shenanigans — to establish Liberal dogma as the law of the land, whatever the masses may think about it.[29]

    It amuses me that two generations of lawyers apparently claim to have been “inspired” by Atticus Finch. Two generations of sanctimonious scumbags, who, from “freedom rides” to “marriage equality” to “sanctuary cities” have, as Jack and Atticus would predict, ripped the legal system, and the country, apart, all in the name of some unseeable — because always receeding into the perfect, abstract future — notion of “fairness.” And now they, along with their hero, stand revealed as the shysters they are; at least, the handful who get jobs “a-tall.”[30]

    It’s hard to tell what upsets the Lib-elite more: having the truth about race exposed, or having Atticus Finch show up with his pants down.

    I suspect they fall back on the Mark Twain strategy and ban it from the schools for use of the N word.

    Let’s return now to the issue of style, and look at some touches that seem purely aesthetic, rather than carrying any message.

    In a nod to Modernism, or the avant-garde, Lee renders several passages which Scout can’t bear to listen to — a “racist” rant, the inane chatter of grown and married childhood friends — as a sequence of broken sentence fragments. It’s an interesting effect, which, if it represented the narrator’s own exasperated consciousness, would suggest Céline. It also suggests William Burroughs at his most refractory, the period of the so-called “cut-ups.”[31]

    Moreover, at least one passage of ordinary prose suggests a parallel to no less than Naked Lunch itself:

    At the end of the table, sitting like a great dropsical gray slug, was William Willougby. . . . William Willoughby was indeed the last of his kind. . . . There were mutations, like Willoughby [who] chose to run the county not in its most comfortable office, but in what was best described as a hutch—a small, dark, evil-smelling room with his name on the door, containing nothing more than a telephone, a kitchen table, and unpainted captain’s chairs of rich patina.

    It seems, to me at least, very reminiscent of the “County Clerk” section, although I can’t really find any verbal parallels, just a kind of tone:

    Lee listened in horror. The county clerk often spent weeks in the privy living on scorpions and Montgomery Ward catalogues. On several occasions his assistants had forced the door and carried him out in a state of advanced malnutrition.

    Could Burroughs have had an influence on this beloved middle-school classic? I’m sure it would delight him.[32] Alas, further research shows that Mockingbird was in the stores before the County Clerk sections were generally available.[33]

    Ironically, some have speculated that Capote wrote some part of Mockingbird.[34] If Lee — which was also Burroughs pen name, e.g., for the pseudonymous Junky, as well as the characters “Lee” in Naked Lunch and “Inspector Lee” of the Nova Trilogy — was influenced, at least unconsciously, by Burroughs,[35] it’s clear not only why her publishers would have deleted such “far-out” writing, but also why Lee never mentioned it: Burroughs and Capote hated each other. Burroughs, in fact, put a curse on Capote — in a letter of 1970, after the success of In Cold Blood — which reads like it could just as well suit Harper Lee:

    The early work was in some respects promising — I refer particularly to the short stories. You were granted an area for psychic development. It seemed for a while as if you would make good use of this grant. You choose instead to sell out a talent that is not yours to sell. You have written a dull unreadable book which could have been written by any staff writer on the New Yorker — (an undercover reactionary periodical dedicated to the interests of vested American wealth).

    You have placed your services at the disposal of interests who are turning America into a police state by the simple device of deliberately fostering the conditions that give rise to criminality and then demanding increased police powers and the retention of capital punishment to deal with the situation they have created. You have betrayed and sold out the talent that was granted you by this department. That talent is now officially withdrawn.

    Enjoy your dirty money. You will never have anything else. You will never write another sentence above the level of In Cold Blood. As a writer you are finished. Over and out. Are you tracking me? Know who I am? You know me, Truman. You have known me for a long time. This is my last visit.[36]

    Indeed, Capote never regained the level of talent or success shown by In Cold Blood, and Lee never wrote another book at all.[37] And the line about

    You have placed your services at the disposal of interests who are turning America into a police state by the simple device of deliberately fostering the conditions that give rise to criminality and then demanding increased police powers . . . to deal with the situation they have created.

    Sound today like exactly the strategy one might attribute to the Civil Righters and disciples of Saul Alinsky — force desegregation and then expand the Police State to deal with the inevitable chaos resultant — although that would have been not at all Burroughs’ meaning. But then, that’s the thing about curses and magick: it works, but often not the way you intended.[38]

    Is this a “rejected first draft”? Whatever the answer, Go Set a Watchman is an interestingly written first novel that addresses race in a realistic manner. The “classic” Mockingbird is New York’s response: dumbed down for kids and retconned into a “saintly blacks” narrative as part of Operation Destroy the South.

    Forget about setting a watchman. Atticus Finch was a freakin’ prophet.


    1. Nelle Harper Lee (Sandra Bulloch) interviewed in Infamous (2006),

    2. Outside the Law School Scam, “Alternative Summer Reading for Pre-Law Students,” here [3].

    3. “Which century?” replies John Caradine’s engineer to a reporter’s question about “the desperadoes who came through here back in ’62,” the year of the Mockingbird film, in the MST3k version of Night Train to Mundo Fine (Coleman Francis, 1965). The film was originally titled Night Train to Mundo Fine, and the novel opens with Jean Louise taking the night train to the end of the world, rural Alabama.

    4. Gregory Peck is not enough. It took the prospect of seeing an unbeatable array of now-classic character actors in their youth (Jack Klugman as an angry ex-juvie!) to get me to watch Twelve Angry Men. Speaking of “young adult books,” I did read Catcher on my own, and came away with a loathing not for the hapless residents of Pency Prep but for the real “phonies,” Upper West Side Jews like the pretentious author and his protagonist.

    5. I’m pretty sure I was assigned Lord of the Flies, and I know I didn’t read that, as the cover of the Capricorn paperback I found repulsive. Mockingbird has a nice cover, at least in hardcover, and the new book shares the same look; is the illustrator still alive, toiling away for Harpers?

    6. “Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set a Watchman’ May Have Been Found Earlier Than Thought [4]
    By Serge F. Kovalesti and Alexandra Alter, New York Times, July 2, 2015.

    7. Margot Metroland, “Y’all Can Kill That Mockingbird Now,” here [5]. See also “Atticus in Bizarro World: Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman,” here [6].

    8. Perhaps this increase in the role of her playmate Dill, based on Truman Capote, is the origin, and perhaps the truth, behind the rumors of Capote getting involved in the writing or at least the recollections.

    9. Bad people, like this New Jersey mook, or later the school principal from up in the Hill Country of Alabama, always like things written down: the latter “doesn’t believe anything unless it’s written down” and then “when it’s written down he believes every word of it.” Tradition, by contrast, is non-literate. This goes back to the curious Genesis 9:22, where Ham (father of the negro race) is cursed for “seeing the nakedness” of his drunken father, Noah. Alexander Jacob suggests may refer to “the public dissemination of the ancestral wisdom among the highly literate Hamitic civilizations of Sumer and Egypt, whereas the other Indo-Europeans preserved it in purely oral form.” “The Indo-European Origins of the Grail” in Leopold von Schrodeder and Alexander Jacob, The Grail: Two Studies (Numen Books, 2015), p. 169, n402.

    10. The New Jersey snob, we hear, is not a family man. Catholicism, or High Church tendencies within Anglicanism, has long been a comfy place for curmudgeons, bachelors, homosexuals and other oddballs to hide in plain sight. In Brideshead Revisited, Charles’ cousin sternly remonstrates him when going up to Oxford to “Avoid Anglo Catholics; they are all sodomites with atrocious accents.” On the fin de siècle in general, see Ellis Hanson, Decadence and Catholicism (Harvard, 1997), which discusses Oscar Wilde, Charles Baudelaire, J.-K. Huysmans, Walter Pater, Paul Verlaine, and even Frederick Rolfe (who went so far as to style himself “Fr. Rolfe” when he wasn’t playing as the Sicilian Baron Corvo). For the American, or at least Northern, angle, see Douglass Shand-Tucci’s Ralph Adams Cram: Boston Bohemia, 1881–1900 (University of Massachusetts Press, 1995). On the Catholic side, there’s always one in every parish that want more incense, High Masses and sermons on Meister Eckhart; see J. F. Powers’ Morte d’Urban (itself winner of the 1963 National Book Award for Fiction). To understand Powers, you must understand that he was that rare bird, a sort of proto-Leftist, pre-Vatican II Irish Catholic who thought America was a nation of knuckle-dragging, war-mongering, racist Protestants, to whom his kind were superior in politics and culture, as well as ethics and religion. He fights both incense and homos, which he associates with the Right: McCarthy and Cohen, Whittaker Chambers, Cardinal Spellman. Also in the early ’60s, even J. D. Salinger gets in the act; his narrator in the New Yorker story Zooey disparaging a boy his mother, Irish Catholic Bessie, recommends to sister Franny as being a weepy mother’s boy “who probably sleeps with a rosary under his pillow.”

    Alan Watts describes his own struggle as a “spike” during his brief Episcopal priesthood in his autobiography, In My Own Way; later, in Beyond Theology, he will try to appreciate the other side: “The insides of most Protestant churches resemble courthouses or town halls, and the focal point of their services is a serious exhortation from a man in a black gown. No golden light, no bells, incense, and candles. No mystery upon an altar or behind an iconostasis. But people brought up in this atmosphere seem to love it. It feels warm and folksy, and leads, on the one hand, to hospitals, prison reform, and votes for all, and, on the other, to sheer genius for drabness, plain cooking ungraced with wine, and constipation of the bright emotions—all of which are considered virtues.

    “If I try to set aside the innate prejudices which I feel against this religion, I begin to marvel at the depth of its commitment to earnestness and ugliness. For there is a point at which certain types of ugliness become fascinating, where one feels drawn to going over them again and again, much as the tongue keeps fondling a hole in a tooth. I begin to realize that those incredibly plain people, with their almost unique lack of color, may after all be one of the most astonishing reaches of the divine Maya-the-Dancer of the world as far out from himself as he can get, dancing not-dancing.” Beyond Theology, Chapter Two.

    11. I thank Ms. Metroland, op. cit., for identifying the speaker from the North as perhaps Robert Welch of the John Birch Society himself. When we first meet Atticus, he’s reading with disapproval a book titled The Strange Case of Alger Hiss. Thanks to Google, we can instantly date this to 1953, when this book (New York: Doubleday & Company, 1953. $3.95.), by one Earl Jowitt, that is, “The” Earl Jowitt, a parlor pinko no doubt, appeared. This “Earl” business explains why Atticus thinks he “shows a childlike faith in the integrity of civil servants,” imagines the Congress to “correspond to their aristocracy,” and in general has “no understanding of American politics a-tall.” The Earl’s book is anti-Chambers and apparently one of the first exercises in what the Clintons have dubbed “the politics of personal destruction.” It has always puzzled me as to why the Hissites claim that Chambers was in love with Hiss, since it is clearly they themselves who have a big ol’ crush on dashing young diplomats improving the world from their positions in the One World Government.

    Later, Louise will find a pamphlet back at the house entitled “The Black Plague,” essaying forth a eugenic perspective about “brain pans, whatever they are.” It’s an obvious enough title to be her own creation, but I do find there is a pamphlet by that title by that old conspiracy-monger, Eustace Mullins. The version I can find online is obviously from the late ’60s (there’s a Black Panther on the cover and Malcolm X is referenced on the first page; there’s even talk of the Zebra killer) and the emphasis is culture, not physiology.

    12. New York newspapers are a note that ties the book together. “You’ve been reading those New York papers,” Atticus points out during their final confrontation. When she first arrives, he asks her “how much of what’s going on down here gets into the newspapers” and she responds “Well, to hear the Post tell it, we lynch ’em for breakfast down here.” Later, when she bristles as a former schoolmate makes a crude negro joke, she says “I’m getting like the New York Post.” Younger readers need to know that at the time, the New York Post was a Liberal newspaper.

    13. Like most such, it “escaped her notice” that “he son had developed all the latent characteristics of a three-dollar bill.”

    14. “You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste. Good nutrition’s given you some length of bone, but you’re not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you, Agent Starling?” Dr. Hannibal Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs (Demme, 1991). Jean Louise may not know what a brain pan is, and be horrified by those who do, but she’s eager to join with the rest of the town to denigrate the poorer members of her own race.

    15. Reviewing the book, here [7]. As always, it’s impossible to fathom the Liberal mind, or to follow its never-ending, shall we say, revolutions. Wasn’t it just last year that Liberals were pumping their fists — or other body parts — to Lady Gaga’s insistence that she and her Little Monsters were “born this way”? (Vigilant Citizen)

    16. “Race realism is one of the intellectual foundations of White Nationalism. Race realism is the thesis that racial differences are objective facts of nature, which pre-exist human consciousness, human society, and even the human race itself.” Greg Johnson: “Why Race is Not a ‘Social Construct,’” here [8].

    17. The foolishness of electoral politics: Eisenhower was the one sending troops in to enforce desegregation, out of Cold War necessity. And right on time for the book’s appearance, calls to remove Jefferson and Jackson from the Democrat pantheon (and the currency); racists, don’t you know?

    18. As chronicled by Paul Kersey on his invaluable blog, Stuff Black People Don’t Like, and compiled in his collection The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963–2013.

    19. All this has been chronicles, not, of course, in those “New York newspapers,” but on Paul Kersey’s invaluable blog, Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

    20. Such as, obviously, the blog Those Who Can See. For my own discuss of Carpenter’s film — a prior, and implicitly White, version of The Matrix, see my “He Writes! You Read! They Live!” here [9] and reprinted in The Homo and the Negro (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2012).

    21. It would appear that in the occluded world of They Live!, the color-blind would indeed be immune to the alien’s brainwashing.

    22. Is that English? He means “as well as what they should be” I guess. From a man arguing the inferiority of the negro? This is the only place where the book feels like a first draft.

    23. Graham: “Because everything with you is seeing, isn’t it? Your primary sensory intake that makes your dream live is seeing. Reflections. Mirrors. Images. . . .” See my “Phil & Will: Awakening Through Repetition in Groundhog Day, Point of Terror, & Manhunter, Part 2,” here [10]. “I asked my mother what I had seen, and she told me that he was not just a white man turned brown, but a different kind of man called a ‘Negro.’ But I already saw the differences before I was told the name and explanation. Indeed, I asked for an explanation because I saw the differences. My mother and I certainly did not construct the differences that were apparent to all.” Greg Johnson, op. cit., emphases his.

    24. Scout sneaks into the courthouse and sees Atticus and Hank at the Citizens’ Council meeting, and wonders if anyone sees her there (they do). Calpurnia, the old family retainer who’s been radicalized by the civil rights interlopers, can no longer see Scout. Even the long reminiscence about Scout and Dill — the character based on Truman Capote and a favorite of readers, involved Dill and a supposed machine to see through walls.

    25. Scout goes on to she needs the watchman to “proclaim to them all that twenty-six years is too long to play a joke on anybody,” which could indeed be said of those Whites who have bought into the whole “color-blind” idea. Negroes, as Atticus points out, “vote in blocs.”

    26. Again, the text seems wrong here; surely this should be “conscience,” or is Jack meant to be confused, misled by Jung’s “collective consciousness,” or is there some other symbolism here I’m missing?

    27. “The foundation of race realism is sense experience, not scientific theorizing.” — Greg Johnson, op. cit.

    28. And speaking of the Finch family, we also wonder about how Uncle Jack made so much money off his poor Alabama patients during the Depression so as to retire wealthy in his forties.

    29. Ironically, the uber-shysters running the “schools” are fleecing the little lambs blind, pocketing their federally guaranteed loans and sending them out as debt slaves, most of whom will either have no jobs, or find themselves forced into lucrative corporate slavery rather than indulging in “pro bono defense.” In a further irony, only the rich can afford such society-wrecking concern for “the poor,” while the poor themselves are sucker into . . . law school (“diversity”) and debt slavery.

    30. Similarly, TKAM has bred two generations of lambs that, faced with the overwhelming fact that law school is a disastrously bad bet (unless your parents foot the bill, or it’s a “tier 1” school) respond as Special Snowflakes: “When I got into law school a few months ago a law school professor (who is also a family friend) sent me a glut of articles like this [11] and said to read them, then read To Kill a Mockingbird again. Realize that you are not part of that statistic if you remember why you really want to practice law. So, dear Gawker, I am going to just say that I am rubber and you are glue and all the law school bashing rolls of me and sticks to you.” Really, if I were a liberal constituency, I’d be very afraid of being represented by delusional idiots like this. Generally, see “Do Not Go to a Second-Tier Law School Under Any Circumstances” by Hamilton Nolan, Gawker, 3/05/12, here [12]: “In case you’ve forgotten, let us take this opportunity to remind you: do not go to law school. [11] Law school is worthless. [13] Even more worthless than you think [14]. Law school will not make you happy [15]. The smart kids are not going to law school. [16] You should not go to law school.” Although himself a law professor, Paul Campos has been at the forefront of exposing the “law school scam”: “The odds of a graduate getting a job that justifies incurring the schools’ typical debt are essentially 100 to 1. . . . The result is a system that has produced an entire generation of over-credentialed, underemployed, and deeply indebted young people.” (The Atlantic, September, 2014, here [17]). Ironically, or appropriately, the worst hit have been the “solo practitioners” who wanted to be just like Atticus: “Solo practitioners, the largest single group of American lawyers and the heart and soul of the profession, have struggled for a quarter of a century. . . . In 1988, solo practitioners earned an inflation-adjusted $70,747. By 2012, earnings had fallen to $49,130, a 30% decrease in real income. And note, $49,130 is not the starting salary for these lawyers. It is the average earnings of all 354,000 lawyers who filed as solo practitioners that year.” Benjamin Barton, “The fall and rise of lawyers,” CNN, May 22, 2015.

    31. See my review of The Magical Universe of William Burroughs, “Curses, Cut-Ups, & Contraptions: The ‘Disastrous Success’ of William Burroughs’ Magick,” here [18].

    32. Burroughs, perhaps hopefully, described Nova Express as “an action novel that can be read by any twelve year old.” See Oliver Harris’ “Introduction” to Nova Express: The Restored Text (New York: Penguin, 2013), p. xliv.

    33. “In 1962, Grove Press issued a promotional booklet to accompany the November 20, 1962 American publication of Naked Lunch. . . . The promotional pamphlet includes an eight page selection of Naked Lunch. Not surprisingly, Rosset chose sections that support the critical readings of the novel. The “Meeting of International Conference of Technological Society” and “The County Clerk” section highlight the satirical nature of Naked Lunch to the fullest. Rosset also featured these pieces (along with a section entitled “Interzone”) in Evergreen Review No. 16 of January / February 1961. They present Burroughs’ humor, language and voice at their most obvious.” “Burroughs Ephemera 2: Naked Lunch Prospectus,” here [19]. Note that “The County Clerk” is preceded by “Meeting of International Conference of Technological Society” which involves horrifying insect/human mutations, like the slug-like Willoughby and “his kind.”

    34. “Harper Lee: the ‘great lie’ she didn’t write Mockingbird rears its head again,” Glynnis MacCool, The Guardian, July 15, 2015, here [20].

    35. And perhaps we should note the similarity of William Willoughby to William Burroughs?

    36. “William S. Burroughs Trashes Truman Capote In Open Letter” by Jen Carlson, Gothamist, Aug 2, 2012, here [21]. The “stunning opening” to Nova Express was originally titled “Open Letter” and is signed by “J. Lee”; see Harris, op. cit., pp. 193, 199.

    37. “Of course, much like Lee was never able to publish anything after To Kill a Mockingbird, Capote’s writing fizzled after In Cold Blood, so perhaps their literary relationship was more symbiotic than one-sided.” Steve Sailer, “Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Pre-sequel,” Unz Review, July 2, 2015, here [22].

    38. See my review of The Magical World of William Burroughs, op. cit.


    (Review Source)

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Unz Review

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  • The Failure of Democracy
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    I am now convinced that the Oligarchy that rules America intends to steal the presidential election. In the past, the oligarchs have not cared which candidate won as the oligarchs owned both. But they do not own Trump. Most likely you are unaware of what Trump is telling people as the media does not report it. A person who speaks like this: is not endeared to the oligarchs. Who are the oligarchs? —Wall Street and the mega-banks too big to fail and their agent the Federal Reserve, a federal agency that put 5 banks ahead of millions of troubled American homeowners who the federal reserve allowed to be flushed down the toilet. In order to save the mega-banks’ balance sheets from their irresponsible behavior, the Fed has denied retirees any interest income on their savings for eight years, forcing the elderly to draw down their savings, leaving their heirs, who have been displaced from employment by corporate jobs offshoring, penniless. —The military/security complex which has spent trillions of our taxpayer dollars on 15 years of gratuitous wars based entirely on lies in order to enrich themselves and their power. —The neoconservartives whose crazed ideology of US world hegemony thrusts the American people into military conflict with Russia and China. —The US global corporations that sent American jobs to China and India and elsewhere in order to enrich the One Percent with higher profits from lower labor costs. —Agribusiness (Monsanto, corporations that poison the soil, the water, the oceans, and our food with their GMOs, hebicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, while killing the bees that pollinate the crops. —The extractive industries—energy, mining, fracking, and timber—that maximize their profits by destroying the environment and the water supply. —The Israel Lobby that controls US Middle East policy and is committing genocide against the Palestinians just as the US committed genocide against native Americans. Israel is using the US to eliminate sovereign countries that stand in Israell’s way. What convinces me that the Oligarchy intends to steal the election is the vast difference between the presstitutes’ reporting and the facts on the ground. According to the presstitutes, Hillary is so far ahead that there is no point in Trump supporters bothering to vote. Hillary has won the election before the vote. Hillary has been declared a 93% sure winner. I am yet to see one Hillary yard sign, but Trump signs are everywhere. Reports I receive are that Hillary’s public appearances are unattended but Trumps are so heavily attended that people have to be turned away. This is a report from a woman in Florida: “Trump has pulled huge numbers all over FL while campaigning here this week. I only see Trump signs and sickers in my wide travels. I dined at a Mexican restaurant last night. Two women my age sitting behind me were talking about how they had tried to see Trump when he came to Tallahassee. They left work early, arriving at the venue at 4:00 for a 6:00 rally. The place was already over capacity so they were turned away. It turned out that there were so many people there by 2:00 that the doors had to be opened to them. The women said that the crowds present were a mix of races and ages.” I know the person who gave me this report and have no doubt whatsoever as to its veracity. I also receive from readers similiar reports from around the country. This is how the theft of the election is supposed to work: The media concentrated in a few corporate hands has gone all out to convince not only Americans but also the world, that Donald Trump is such an unacceptable candidate that he has lost the election before the vote. By controllng the explanation, when the election is stolen those who challenge the stolen election are without a foundartion in the media. All media reports will say that it was a run away victory for Hillary over the misogynist immigrant-hating Trump. And liberal, progressive opinion will be relieved and off guard as Hillary takes us into nuclear war. That the Oligarchy intends to steal the election from the American people is verified by the officially reported behavior of the voting machines in early voting in Texas. The NPR presstitutes have declared that Hillary is such a favorite that even Repulbican Texas is up for grabs in the election. If this is the case, why was it necessary for the voting machines to be programmed to change Trump votes to Hillary votes? Those voters who noted that they voted Trump but were recorded Hillary complained. The election officials, claiming a glitch (which only went one way), changed to paper ballots. But who will count them? No “glitches” caused Hillary votes to go to Trump, only Trump votes to go to Hillary. The most brilliant movie of our time was The Matrix. This movie captured the life of Americans manipulated by a false reality, only in the real America there is insufficient awareness and no Neo, except possibly Donald Trump, to challenge the system. All of my life I have been trying to get Americans of all stripes—academics, scholars, journalists, Republicans, Democrats, right-wing, left-wing, US Representatives, US Senators, Presidents, corporate moguls and brainwashed Americans and foreigners—out of the false reality in which they exist. In the United States today a critical presidential election is in process in which not a single important issue is addressed by Hillary and the presstitutes. This is total failure. Democracy, once the hope of the world, has totally failed in the United States of America. Trump is correct. The American people must restore the accountability of government to the people. ]]>
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  • How Western Civilization Lost It at the Movies
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    Ed Driscoll "Movies really have become awful, haven't they?" Ace writes. And who can argue with him?I don't mean politically; sure, there are a lot of liberal zingers put into movies for no very good reason, except to make the filmmakers think they've done something positive with the piece of shit project they're foisting on people.Hollywood has always made most movies for a juvenile crowd. A producer, I think his name was Zanuck, worked out the logic like this: Girls will see anything boys will see, but boys will not see most things girls will see. Younger kids will see anything that older kids will see, but older kids will not see things made for younger kids. Adults will see most things that older teenagers will see, but older teenagers will not necessarily see things that adults would see. Therefore, the correct money-making demographic to make a movie for is a 17 year old boy.Read the whole thing, and follow Ace's link to screenwriter Eric Heisserer, at the appropriately named industry blog The Bitter Script Reader.So is the real problem the declining intelligence and taste of the average 17-year-old male, or is it the declining intelligence and taste of Hollywood, or do the two -- along with the declining intelligence and taste of the American education system -- combine to form the complete Red Queen’s Race to the bottom? I'd blame the latter scenario, especially after contemplating what the average 17-year-old male likely dug when he went to the movies over the years:1950s: Alfred Hitchcock’s best decade, and loads of war movies, both pro and con (Strategic Air Command, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Paths of Glory, et al). 1960s: The birth of the James Bond movie franchise, plus big-budget middlebrow epics like Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, and Dr. Zhivago, plus the rise of the counter-culture, with Dr. Strangelove, Blowup, Bonnie & Clyde, 2001, and the Beatles’ movies.1970s: More Bond, rock movies (Woodstock, Gimme Shelter), B-movies/exploitation/violence galore (Easy Rider, Clockwork Orange, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Taxi Driver, Death Wish, Dirty Harry), the Godfather movies, and then the rise of Spielberg and Lucas, which led to…1980s: The Empire Strikes Back, ET, Jedi, Blade Runner, the Star Trek movies, Platoon, Wall Street, Full Metal Jacket, and the SNL movies (Stripes, Trading Places, Ghost Busters, et al). Plus plenty of horny teenager movies (Fast Times, Risky Business, etc.)1990s: T2, the Batman movies, and the omnipresent summer action movie with Arnold, Bruce, Tom, Harrison, et al. Plus the 1998 digital mind-f*** movies: The Matrix and Dark City. And Titanic,  which brilliantly combined the chick-flick with an ending filled with plenty of digital FX and carnage for the boys.2000s: Brit-lit such as the Lord of the Rings and Narnia, the horrible but exceedingly profitable Star Wars prequels, and wall-to-wall superheroes.2010s: Avatar and even more superheroes. Did I mention the superheroes?Sense a trend here? And don't forget -- a tiny percentage of the most aggressive of those moviegoers in the '70s and '80s are the ones who headed to Hollywood to write today's drek. Their idea of deep and complex middlebrow culture aren't the books that inspired Hollywood's golden age, but the actual movies themselves. Or as John Podhoretz wrote at NRO on the eve of 9/11, "A century dominated by movies has left the movies starved for inspiration."Even beyond that mammoth dumbing down of the average hit movie's writing when middlebrow culture was nuked and paved by the new left, after 9/11, the combination of PC and fear of failure completely numbed Hollywood, resulting in the Big Screen's current malaise. And oddly, television's renaissance, a topic that Mark Tapson discusses at, in his review of television critic Alan Sepinwall's new book, The Revolution Was Televised: The Cops, Crooks, Slingers and Slayers Who Changed TV Drama Forever:In “an interesting role reversal” with the movie biz, the TV revolution gained momentum as “the 21st century slowly saw the extinction of the middle-class movie. If a film couldn’t either be made on the cheap or guarantee an opening weekend of $50 million or more, it was out.” That meant that studios began to depend heavily on big-spectacle blockbusters (something I touched on in the previous article in this series). “Movies went from something really interesting,” as The Sopranos creator David Chase put it, “to what we have now.”That left a growing void of more artistically and dramatically compelling fare–a void that television filled with Sepinwall’s list of the dozen American TV shows “that changed TV forever,” as his subtitle puts it: The Sopranos, Oz, The Wire, Deadwood, The Shield, Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24, Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, and, of course, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.As an example of this revolutionary fare, Sepinwall points to the balls-out opening of Breaking Bad, in which former sitcom father Bryan Cranston’s character–a middle-aged, cancer-ridden chemistry teacher wearing saggy tighty-whities and a gas mask–careens down a desert highway in a mobile meth lab, a dying pair of drug dealers on the vehicle floor behind him. At the end of that jaw-dropping sequence, your inevitable two responses are “What the hell was that?” followed by “More, please. Now.”The revolution didn’t materialize ex nihilo: “The millennial wave of revolutionary dramas,” Sepinwall writes, “was built on the work put in by a group of other series” that paved the way: cop dramas like Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue, the hospital dramas St. Elsewhere and ER, the sitcom Cheers, the “MTV cops” of Miami Vice, the hallucinatory Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and others.But hey, cheer up movie fans, because help is on the way. Who's up for Ridley Scott's production of Monopoly: The Motion Picture?!Or this: "What Hell Hath Disney-Lucasfilm Wrought? ‘Star Wars’ Meets ‘Extreme Makeover.'"Update: In addition to the dumbing down of American culture via PC, I should have mentioned how the need for a film to compete in a worldwide marketplace can also dumb down the writing. Tapson addressed this in his previous essay:As an example, [David Denby] notes that 2010’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which he calls “a thundering farrago of verbal and visual gibberish,” grossed $1 billion worldwide in a month: “Nothing is going to stop such success from laying waste to the movies as an art form.”It doesn’t help that international audiences now account for two-thirds of box office receipts. Denby feels that this makes studios gun-shy about making their movies about anything. “Aimed at Bangkok and Bangalore as much as at Bangor,” Denby writes, “our big movies have been defoliated of character, wit, psychology, local color.” He cites director Christopher Nolan’s Inception as an example of “a recent trend in which big movies have been progressively drained of meaning.”That essay/extended blog post by Tapson is also well worth your time. class="pages"> ]]>
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Cross Walk

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  • How Christians Can Revolutionize Faith-Based Media
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    Movies Not long ago, I wrote an article about how the fate of “Faith-Based” movies was largely secure, thanks in no small part to the patronage of Christian audiences. Whether you love them or loath them, faith-based films have managed to carve out a comfortable niche in today’s modern media. Christians make the movies, Christians watch the movies, and we repeat the process as needed. Still, in pop culture there’s a big difference between surviving and thriving. While Christian films may be here to stay, their quality and usefulness as evangelical tools have reached dangerous levels of stagnation. Like all forms of entertainment, Christian content must innovate and evolve if it hopes to remain relevant. Sometimes this means learning to tell new stories, while other times it’s making the jump into a different medium. Seth Tower Hurd, a podcast host and contributor to Relevant Magazine, believes Christians should stop investing in movies and instead look to the small screen for inspiration. Hurd correctly notes that Hollywood has been losing creativity for years, choosing to roll out sequels and superhero blockbusters instead of taking chances on original ideas. Combine that with a combative attitude towards Christianity, and it’s unlikely faith-based films will reach higher than they already have. The same can’t be said for companies like Netflix and Hulu. Hurd writes, “As much as I hate to say this as a film critic, theatrical releases just don’t wield as much cultural power as they used to. Since 2000, the top movie each year has been a sequel, or based on a book or comic book with one exception: Avatar in 2009. The days when an original story like The Matrix or Rain Mancould capture the imaginations and water-cooler talk of an entire nation seem to be waning, if not gone.” googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('gpt-ad-1'); }); “Unlike movies, there’s still plenty of room at the table. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube and dozens of smaller companies are throwing buckets of cash at anyone with a half-baked idea. Movies essentially have one weekend to live or die. Good streaming TV can continue to find audiences for decades. A coworker recently shared with me that the big trend at her daughter’s high school was the 20-year-old cult hit The X-Files.” There’s really no arguing with Hurd’s observations. We currently live in a world where a three-minute YouTube video can get more views than a major motion picture. Podcasts have replaced daily talk shows as the guides to self-help and conventional knowledge. Even the blogosphere has exploded with a wealth of new spiritual and secular writers. For Christians, the opportunities for creative and cultural impact are virtually limitless. Yes, faith-based films are here to stay, but for Christian artists who dream of sharing the gospel through pop culture, it may be time to start thinking outside the box. Streaming services like Netflix have become champions for original content, and unlike some movie studios, they’re not as averse to faith-filled narratives. If video isn’t your specialty, there’s always blog writing, or digital galleries for photography. In order to see Jesus portrayed in our media, we must pursue Biblical craftsmanship in all creative areas with passion. The world is waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, we only need to find an audience that will listen. (Image Credit:©Thinkstock/disqis) googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('gpt-ad-2'); }); if (gptClientWidth >= 992 && gptClientWidth <= 1000000) googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('gpt-ad-3'); }); *Published 6/13/2017 ]]>
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  • ‘What Is Real?’ Reflections on The Matrix 20 Years Later

    Hundreds of new movies come and go each year. Some have theatrical debuts. Some stream online or are released direct to video. All feature stories that someone, somewhere, thought were interesting enough to warrant the trouble of making them. Most of these movies vanish, metaphorically speaking, into our cultural memory. Functionally forgotten, as if they’d […]

    The post ‘What Is Real?’ Reflections on The Matrix 20 Years Later appeared first on Plugged In Blog.

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  • 1999: Best Movie Year Ever?

    In this episode, sponsored by Robinhood and Calm, the gang gets book clubby and discusses Best. Movie. Year. Ever. and the films of 1999. Sonny couldn't get enough of The Matrix. JVL reminds us American Beauty stinks. Vic recounts his trip to Grand Cayman. Plus the return of Spirit of the Week!

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  • I, Frankenstein *1/2
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    I Frankenstein

    The Ideological Content Analysis 30 Days Putsch:

    30 Reviews in 30 Days


    Never mind the quaintly underachieving likes of Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster (1965) or Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (1966). These movies are masterpieces compared to I, Frankenstein, positively the worst appropriation of Mary Shelley’s story this writer has ever seen. It wants desperately to be The Matrix, but this humorless CGI phantasmagoria bears more resemblance to the hallucinations of a subnormal and unimaginative ten-year-old boy given a tab of LSD. The comic book plot has Frankenstein’s monster (dubbed “Adam” here, because calling anybody a “monster” in this day and age would be insensitively judgmental), played by Aaron Eckhart, teaming up with an army of gargoyles committed to protecting humanity from “dark prince” Naberius (Bill Nighy).

    In terms of screen presence, the question of the relative power of demons, corpses, and gargoyles to inspire audience sympathy would seem to be academic, so that I, Frankenstein’s tableaux of legions of devils being blasted into fiery smithereens carries no more human interest than a war of several strains of bacteria viewed through a microscope. Beyond “look at all the surging colors”, there is really very little to say. Unless the reader finds himself enthralled at the prospect of ninety minutes of actors saying things like, “The gargoyle order must survive, and mankind with it”, or has always dreamed of seeing Aaron Eckhart writhing and screaming to sell the effect of computer-generated flame-tentacles burrowing into his eye sockets, there is nothing to recommend this film, which is possibly even more appalling than Dracula Untold.

    A star and a half. Ideological Content Analysis indicates that I, Frankenstein is:

    4. Pro-torture. “Descend in pain, demon,” Adam tells an enemy after shoving his face in holy water for enhanced interrogation.

    3. Ostensibly Christian, but misleadingly so. “Any objects can be made sacramental by marking them with the blessed symbol of the gargoyle order,” the viewer learns.

    2. Anti-capitalistic. Naberius takes the earthly form of a corporate executive, with his demon minions all wearing suits and ties like the agents from the Matrix franchise.

    1. Multiculturalist, anti-white, and pro-miscegenation. An army of multicultural gargoyles battles white guy demons in suits (plus one token Uncle Tom demon). A white warrior woman prefers to join her brown boyfriend in death rather than live without him. One might pity an actor as classy as Bill Nighy for being criminally miscast in such a retarded dud if not for the certainty that he was paid handsomely for his part in representing refined European m...

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Dave Cullen1
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  • Films That Leave an Impact
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    (Review Source)

Brett Stevens4

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  • Periscope (November 30, 2018)
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)

    Periscope (November 30, 2018)

    by Brett Stevens on November 30, 2018

    • Google Employees Debated Burying Conservative Media In Search

      Conservatives have no idea how the Left works. Leftism is an ideology, or theory about how the world should be that also explains everything that strikes its victims as wrong, which is messianic and pathological. It makes people feel good because it explains their failures and gives them a way to succeed that is not related to reality at all, but feels good because it is simple and easy and therefore anyone can do it. Like evil, Leftism is not a sense of purpose, but what happens when purpose and order are removed and all that remains are the ravening human emotions that desire power as a means of filling in the void left behind by a lack of purpose and order. As a result, these people are all fanatics, even if they claim to be normal or act normal most of the time. To them, life is binary: any object or act either increases equality — egalitarianism is the ideology of the Left — or does not, and if it does the former it is good and if it is of the latter, it must be destroyed. Never underestimate the simplicity and obsessiveness of their thinking.

    • Pulling back the curtain: Wizard of Oz named most influential film

      The Wizard of Oz was The Matrix of its day: a revelation that what we assumed was normal reality was in fact fully controlled. Such plots became popular after the first world war, namely because with Leftism triumphant it was getting harder to argue that we were in revolt against the kings, but everything still felt as if it were guided by a crazy hand. Next level: seeing that this crazy hand is us and our individualistic desires, sort of like the Pontius Pilate scenes from the Bible or even the obsessive nature of Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick. In the meantime, who is behind that curtain? Hint: the mob engaged in human herd behavior, and the ideas that justify them, such as egalitarianism, individualism, narcissism, pluralism, utilitarianism, pacifism, collectivism, and democracy. If you are raging on about the Rich,™ the Negro,™ the Jew,™ or even the White,™ you have been trolled, because those are symptoms and implements of the herd and not causes in themselves.

    • Illegal immigrant pulls gun on Border Patrol agent

      Look, we should be blunt about this: good people do not mass emigrate. They leave bad situations to find better ones where they can contribute, but they have some sense about what will work, meaning that they try to go to places similar to the ones that they have left. They go there planning to become part of whatever is happening there, which is why they choose similar places. They go in response to specific conditions, namely any situation where it has become clear that no matter what they do, nothing will work. They do not leave tropical paradises where one can survive simply by growing food in a minimally competent way. Central America suffers from dictators, low IQ populations, corruption, and violence mainly because it has never had any form of eugenic breeding. It wants to throw its extra population into North America so that the people back home are comfortable, so they send their worst on to us, and stupid useful idiot luvvies demand that we let them in because they are innocent cuddly children, when the reality is that most of them are criminals or opportunists, not pioneers like the people who built this nation. Send ’em all back, no matter how legal they are or how long they have been here. Diversity does not work. That means we either end diversity, or end ourselves.

    • Facebook admits that COO Sheryl Sandberg asked staff to dig up intel on billionaire George Soros after he called the site a ‘menace to society’

      Facebook takes out Soros, and the downside is what, exactly? Soros strikes me as a figurehead being used to funnel money from other sources into Left-wing organizations.

    • Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes denied visa to tour Australia with ‘The Deplorables’

      They were “concerned about his extreme views and promotion of violence.” This is where bourgeois middle class cowardice and Leftism meet: now that the Leftists are in control, they want to criminalize any opposition to them, mainly by blaming dissidents for defending themselves when attacked by Leftists. This shows us exactly why they want gun control and public shaming of “white nationalists” as well.

    • Samsung’s folding screen tech has been stolen and sold to China

      Expecting the modern Chinese to act any differently than the Mongols would be a very foolish path. They intend to conquer by the Japanese method from the 1980s (economy) as well as by any military or political methods they can employ. They want to rule the world. We currently rule the world, but we do so Western style, which is a light touch. They want to rule the world so that no other force can challenge them, and they will use it for their own ends and treat it badly like their polluted cities and concrete wastelands in the countryside.

    • Louisiana School That Made Headlines Sending Poor Kids to Elite Colleges Falsified Records

      Everyone loves these success stories, but then they always get debunked. The media runs on hype and ideology, so they parrot anything that fits what their audience wants to read, and white suburban women who are no longer sexually attracted to their overworked husbands discover a little thrill when they hear about how reality is not as mean and literal as it seems, but in fact wishes come true, because look at all these hopeful minority kids who made it just by trying. That means that diversity can work, the future is bright, and we will all live in peace and harmony, other than the obvious truth that our civilization has collapsed, the future is doom, everyone is dishonest and stupid, and minorities are waiting for the right time to kill us, rape the women, and then set up another failing third world mixed-race kleptocracy so that no one feels challenged by anyone who rose above the human minimum.

    • ‘I’m scared for the future of my baby here’

      Nationalists: diversity will kill everyone and destroy everything. Leftists: no, don’t be so negative; it will all be just fine! Also Leftists, a century later: I’m scared for the future of my baby here. Nationalists: go to Israel, be safe; stay here, and die by someone’s hand, although who it is will vary through the centuries. Diversity just never works.

    • US groundwater in peril: Potable supply less than thought

      Humanity loves its blank slates and blank checks because they make it seem like the individual can do anything at any time and any place that it wants. We thought that air was a blank check, so we expanded recklessly, and now we see how air pollution is the source of our cancers (admittedly, some of us recognized this at a young age, like six, because it is that mind-blindingly obvious). We thought of the oceans as a blank check, but now we are running out of seafood and the remaining amount seems to be full of mercury and plastic. We thought of the American people as a blank check that would always deliver prosperity and strength in war, but it turns out that white ethnic diversity and later racial diversity just kills them off and leaves behind the dross. We thought of Western Civilization as a blank check that would just keep being great even if we instituted class warfare and wealth transfer, but it turns out that we killed the goose that laid the golden eggs there, too. Now we see that groundwater is also not a blank check, and so the cities and countryside will compete, and the countryside will win because that is where the food is made. Where were you when the water wars started, grandad?

    • Mental health clinic opens inside a Walmart in Texas

      Modern society exists as a series of cash-ins. The old cash-in was medical care, but now that Obamacare has run the country into bankruptcy, the pushback is beginning. Before that it was Big Tech, of course, but now people expect it to work like their phone lines and are not interested in spending thousands of dollars on it. We need a new cash-in to hire all the not-very-bright people out there, so it will be mental health. Receptionists, nurses, case workers, paralegals, bureaucrats, and psychologists are all going to cash in on the fact that our last few dozen cash-ins have left the population utterly ruined. Soon there will be sob stories in the media about all the poor people who also just happen to be insane who cannot afford care, then the sap voters will go to the polls with their tongues hanging out and vote for more free stuff to take care of those poor people, and then everyone will get hired for a decade or so before it becomes commonly known that this is yet another unnecessary scam and the trend self-erases.

    • Venezuela’s president boosts wages, compares Trump to Hitler

      He sounds just like our Leftists. I think we should send all of the Leftists in the West to Venezuela and burn their passports so that they can never come back. If all of their theories are correct, these Leftists will create a new paradise that will be more prosperous than any other place, helped by Venezuela’s massive amount of natural resources and fertile climate. If not, we will at least not be dragged down with them while they obsessive-compulsively chase illusions and popular but unrealistic “solutions.” Let us be free of them as they are freed from us.

    • Female genital mutilation cases more than double in a year in UK

      Conservatives are what is left of the Old Right which decided that it could work at all with the Left (egalitarians) instead of noticing that people who believe in a big lie like equality are insane or have made themselves insane, and thus the only thing to do is to overthrow them and exile them. Conservatives love to talk about “assimilation,” or how you bring in people from other places, then run them through a factory where we imprint upon them our flags, laws, values, and “culture” which really means our favorite products and media. At the end of that, conservatives reason, we have created a meritocracy (instead of a subsidized collective, so a lesser degree of Leftism than the socialists want) which is based on patriotism, or worship of the nation-state which in theory is supporting our culture. As it turns out, assimilation is just as impossible as the vision of diversity itself because behaviors are — as we recognize they are in animals and plants — genetic. You can use propaganda, education, and threat of punishment to force people to behave a certain way in public, but they revert to what fits them based on who they are and what they are. At this point, the Left finds itself excusing female genital mutilation as “just their culture,” the Right finds itself red-faced and spluttering about “muh similation,” and people like me could care less if our imported third world underclass mutilates itself.

    • Afghanistan war: US strike in Helmand killed 23 civilians, UN says

      It’s Viet Nam all over again! The bad guys, who are truly brutal and primitive people, use civilians as shields. The domesticated useful idiots of democracy go in and try to make right, but we play according to nice people rules, so we always end up looking bad while those poor underdog rebels look good. Institutions like the UN and the media, both comprised of bureaucrats who get to look important if they come out with data that makes the middle class white female vote swoon, goes looking for incidents to report. In the end, the enemy still holds the countryside, mainly because they are all disguised as civilians so it is nearly impossible to route them out. No one in democracy will undertake the Roman solution, which is collective punishment: kick the Taliban out of your village or all of you get rounded up and relocated to Africa. Trump is doing good work, but under democracy, no war of this sort can truly be won, which is what the Taliban are counting on. For them, loss of a few million people is no big deal, mainly because in the third world, people mostly are actually equal, meaning having identical low levels of intellectual, moral, and physical function.

    • Canada hate crimes up 47% as Muslims, Jews and black people targeted

      Mirrors figures from the US from 2017. “Diversity does not work,” say the conservatives, and the Leftists are determined to prove them wrong, even if it means living in a totalitarian third world ruin.

    • Brussels police battle ‘yellow vest’ protesters

      The yellow vest protests consist of European voters, who are just as stupid as any other group of voters, finally realizing that all the “free stuff” means they get taxed to death and paid less because companies are also taxed to death, and perhaps even figuring out that all this immigration was designed to pay off the existing obligations to pay for all that free stuff, but that it has failed, so even higher taxes are coming in the future. Yep, you blew it, voters. Now what? crickets

    • Grindr app’s president says marriage is ‘between man and woman’

      What was gay marriage, really? It was a media event, spurred on by a round of Leftist talking points, and then it was used civil rights style to batter down conservatives. With that being done, the Leftist herd moved on to its next chance to be relevant and important, installing transgenderism in their grandchildren. Even that is winding down, so it is OK to admit that gay marriage is as useful to gay people as a bicycle is to a fish, and that this whole thing was hype, like everything else in the dying modern West.

    • Measuring the Long-Term Effects of Early, Extensive Day Care

      It turns out that unless your home life was so bad that being left alone in a big room is a plus, daycare creates worse outcomes for children including “social competence, externalizing problems, and adult-child conflict, generally at a rate three times higher than other children.” In addition, these kids are more likely to end up in prison. In other words, daycare does to kids what diversity does to nations. Conventional wisdom told us that this was likely, but we ignored it because since we are taxed to death to pay for our social benefits state, both parents need to work, and so if daycare is bad, everyone will be impoverished on only one income. Maybe at some point even the brain-dead voters will wake up to the fact that having a natural environment where a few are losers and everyone else gets reward proportional to the degree of their effective contribution is better than an unnatural environment where we are all forced to be equal through the dumbing down everything, and we all benefit from conformist participation but no one really wins, and no one is really happy even if we have lots of gadgets and entertainment to keep us busy as we wait for the sweet release of death.

    • Columbia Teachers College professor’s office vandalized with swastikas, anti-Semitic slurs

      Vandals carefully removed paintings from her wall and set them up against the door before spray-painting very neat swastikas in the office. As anti-Semitism rises, some on the Jewish Left are attempting to bring public focus on the problem with victimhood incidents like this, which was almost certainly done by a Leftist and not a Nazi, who has zero advantage in doing so. Like other recent incidents in which Jews, Negroes, and Pakistanis have committed hatred-motivated acts, this one will only serve to encourage those who already hate Jews and further unite those who oppose anti-Semitism, but the latter group is diminishing since the Left has accepted anti-Semitism as a means of furthering its diversity agenda which includes many groups that historically have hated Jews such as Muslims, blacks, and certain Asian ethnicities.

    • Why The Middle Ages Wasn’t More Violent Than The Modern World

      When you take out the statistical anomalies, it turns out that the modern world is worse in every way except that we have more gadgets, entertainment, comfort, and medical care. Since the latter two are entirely dependent on technology, which arose through our innovation in the middle ages, it makes sense to simply live like the middle ages in terms of social order while benefiting from the technology we have developed since that time.

    • In academia, censorship and conformity have become the norm

      The Left is turning on itself since it has run out of external targets. Those who are confirmed on the Right no longer care what the Left says, those in the middle are trying to waffle their way through as “libertarians,” and those on the Left are increasingly fighting over the zero-sum game of attention from the herd. This means that they are trying to destroy each other so that the destroyers can get more of that sweet media attention and the bucks from all those single woman and soyboy people living in dingy city apartments who are willing to spend fifty bucks on gear or donations for whoever wins the attention whore crown this month.

    • Panama the new flashpoint in China’s growing presence in Latin America

      Enemies do not go away; they simply recharge. China knows that it is inherently unstable because it has been this way for thousands of years, and it believes that by suppressing its competition, its instability can be rectified. The West knows better, and so we are its prime target, and as part of its Asiatic obsession with strategy, China has begun attacking on multiple peripheral fronts in order to destabilize us so that it can swoop in and dominate, shortly before collapsing yet again from internal instability. These people are dangerous morons.

    • New York’s Wealthiest Cut Losses as Manhattan Real Estate Falters

      Under a Leftist regime, housing becomes the only thing of value since everything else is taxed to death multiple times at every level. That regimen concentrates wealth in the cities and makes the property there valuable. By spreading prosperity through decentralization, Trump has made other areas valuable too, and so now the ill-gotten gains of New York from 1865 and 2008 are dissipating. Cry us a river, then drown in it, you parasites.

    • CNN fires commentator Marc Lamont Hill, who called for a ‘free Palestine from the river to the sea’

      Diversity, like its parent egalitarianism, awards pity points to all groups based on how much victimhood and underdog status they can claim. Thus, while a heterosexual Jewish man has some Holocaust points and general minority status, he cannot compete with those who have Slavery points as well as poverty points and general minority status. He is positively doomed — absolutely blown away, in the Leftist view — if he comes up against a black homosexual transgender amputee from Haiti (an honest-to-goodness third world nation!) who has been raped and lives in a trailer. The richer, whiter, smarter, and less completely failed you are, the lower the importance you are. In nature, the strong eat the weak; in human society, the weak eat the strong. As a result, Jews-versus-Negroes is not going well for Jews. In the meantime, all sane people recognize that the only future for Jewish people is to end the diaspora and relocate them all to Israel, and to recognize that Palestinians as middle eastern Mexicans and to repatriate them among their genetic brethren in Jordan and Egypt. Diversity does not work, either in Israel or in the West, and as Jews and goyim alike realize that, we are seeing the Holocaust less as some horrible unique event and more as another Dreyfuss affair, or diversity failing as usual. We can join hands to send the Palestinians home, relocate Marc Lamont Hill to Africa, and restore all Jews to their rightful home in Israel. That’s probably too sane for humanity, especially under democracy, however.

    • CNN Finds a Quarter of Europeans Are Anti-Semitic. But the Reality for Europe’s Jews Is Even Worse.

      Europe has rediscovered nationalism, like most white people across the globe. We now see that as the five percent of humanity society which decided to try something other than subsistence farming, warlord rule, theocracy, superstition, individualism, and matriarchy, our results have been much better and that everyone else wants to come be with us. We could handle Jews for awhile, but it turns out that any diversity destabilizes us, so everyone else has to go back. Sorry. If diversity destroys societies, we owe zero duty to anyone to commit suicide, so none of them can stay here, whether they have been here legally for 2,000 years or not. Everyone else must go back home. In the meantime, our newly imported Muslim and African diversity is busy murdering our Jewish diversity, and we will be blamed, and we are expected to fix it, even though there is no fix under heaven or Earth that can make diversity work, except suicide of course. Do we wanna die? I would prefer to live and enjoy all that life offers than to commit suicide in a misguided and misinterpreted emulation of Christ, because for us to refuse this gift and thus to ensure its destruction is the greatest sin that I can imagine. Diversity delenda est.

    • Young Americans Believe U.S. Is Most Racist Nation

      Ernest Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Aldous Huxley, Plato, and Homer Simpson all warned us: the individualistic lifestyle of democracy and consumerism will produce a bumper crop of stupid. What we did not recognize was that this extends to politics. To be the kind of useful idiot who endorses perpetual failure ideas like socialism, feminism, diversity, and equality in 2018 is to be willfully ignorant of the past and its wisdom, yet this is the norm. It is time to end public education, dispossess the parasites who taught these kids, and then to send these children off to war zones across the world so that they can see that the US benefits from its own choices, and that we are rich because we did not do what others did, which means that we are not “racist” but in fact the lone group which is refusing to follow everyone else into mediocrity.

    • Defense May Claim Antifa Professor Scared James Fields Into Crashing Car

      Antifa attacked James Fields with rocks, sticks, and fists, and it turns out that at least some of them brought assault rifles. His defense is going to point out that he loved his car and did not want to damage it, but fled in panic after an angry mob attacked him. If America refuses to exonerate him, we will see riots in the streets, because this was not murder in any meaningful sense of the word, nor should a driver be responsible when the mob that is attacking him blocks his path of escape. If anything, we should be trying antifa for assault, and blaming Heather Heyer’s death on them (felony murder).

    • Fishermen ‘have been forced to thrown £120k of dead fish back in the sea in a week’

      Why Brexit? EU rules are so moronic that fishermen are required by law to throw much of their catch, dead, back into the sea. This is not just idiotic from a financial perspective but ecocidal, but in order to “fair” to everyone, the EU bureaucrats mandate that centralized rules apply where only local rule can. Just like the federal government of the USA after the Civil War and the Cold War, the EU is trying to produce one equal standard for everyone, and that never works. Too many fingers in the pot and too many hands on the wheel makes for mental chaos followed by policy chaos, and this is why the UK is only the first to exit the EUSSR.

    • Austria’s Young Chancellor Sebastian Kurz Is Bringing the Far-Right Into the Mainstream

      A century ago, normal people held opinions that would be considered “far-Right” today, but then the world verged Leftward in order to compete with the Soviets, who promptly self-destructed just as predictably as the French did after their great democratic people’s revolution. We are not seeing a pendulum, but a flight from a discredited ideology; over two centuries after the French Revolution, people are finally seeing that everything that Leftists do is suicidal because Leftism itself is based upon a lie, namely the idea that people should be equal and that the great quest to make them equal will somehow fix all of our problems. The far-Right, having overcome its own flirtation with French Revolution style tactics of murder and repression, finds itself rising not through the failed white nationalists, but through mainstream populism which states previously radical ideas as common sense truths, and is gaining converts as people flee the failing Leftist Regime.

    • Federal Employees Are Warned Not to Discuss Trump ‘Resistance’ at Work

      If you work for the federal government, you cannot discuss your plans to overthrow Trump. As it turns out, taking that government paycheck actually limits your freedom, as you were told when you signed on. It is only fair that you cannot be paid to work against your employer, which will limit the deep state that thrives because government employees — who have little to do, and few consequences for not doing it — serve as a type of union that always advocates Leftist beliefs because those result in more work for government bureaucrats. Trust people to be greedy, and you are never wrong. This also tells us that it is time to trim down the government, which has become an industry unto itself which employees 15% of the workforce, since these people have started acting against the interests of all of us in preference for their own careerism, opportunism, and greed.

    • Each irregular migrant costs the Canadian government between $10K and $34K

      Immigration has high costs and low benefits. Since most of these people have low IQs, they can only work in manual labor jobs without costing us more when we promote them to jobs they cannot competently do. This means that it will take them decades to begin repaying this tax burden. That spells doom for the immigration programs of the West, which are predicated on the idea that immigrants will work, pay taxes, and then we can afford the massive amounts of pensions and other benefits already promised to the dying Baby Boomer generation. It won’t work. Diversity won’t work. Has democracy done anything but fail since the end of the Cold War?

    • Duterte plans anti-communist ‘death squad’ in Philippines

      If you have been wondering where you can volunteer to join an RWDS, I have good news for you…

    • Texas woman with four children gets eight years in jail for voter fraud

      Third world immigrant does what they all do, which is vote for her interests, which means more free stuff for her people that you and your people pay for.

    • Mississippi newspaper: Hyde-Smith attended segregation academy

      This article is a week old, but the time to post it is now, so that people can see that despite the Left screaming “scandal! scandal! racism! elitism!” in reality absolutely no one cared except the Left about this drama. The rest of us have figured out that the Left are parasites who want to bleed us dry and leave a ruined third-world society in our place, and so we no longer twitch and comply whenever some neurotic Leftist screams about racism. The word is dead and the concept is dead. Intelligent people have moved on to fashy realizations like that diversity will never work, that democracy always becomes mob rule, that equality is anti-Darwinism, and that utilitarianism makes horrible decisions. We are the future; the rest of you are artifacts of the past, remnants of failure, and entirely obsolete.

    Erik Lindmark 1972-2018

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Society Reviews3
Society Reviews

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  • John Wick: Chapter 2 Review
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)

    John Wick: Chapter 2 is the first certified smash hit of the year and Keanu Reeves almost 15 years after the Matrix has another and much-deserved franchise on his hands.

    Read more →

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VJ Morton2
Right Wing Film Geek

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  • Fearless prognostication, part 2
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)

    Fearless prognostication, part 2

    The Golden Globes were handed out last night (a complete list of the winners is here), and the two films that won Best Picture (unlike the Oscars, the Globes divide some of the movie categories into comedy and drama) were THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING (drama) and LOST IN TRANSLATION (comedy).

    Other key winners were Sean Penn (MYSTIC RIVER) and Charlize Theron (MONSTER) for best drama lead performances, and Bill Murray (LOST IN TRANSLATION) and Diane Keaton (SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE) for best comic lead performances. Peter Jackson won best director for the third part of the Tolkien trilogy, and Sofia Coppola won best script for TRANSLATION. These are all pretty much locks for at least a nomination.

    I do hope, though, the supporting actor award given to Tim Robbins for MYSTIC RIVER was the result of the ballots being sent by mistake to The Deaf and Blind Academy giving out their Braille novel awards and that “Tim Robbins” in Braille forms the shape of a Playboy centerfold. That’s the only acceptable excuse I can imagine.

    The Oscars have a tradition of ignoring or downplaying comedies (and rewarding the tic-ridden handicapped role — have I mentioned that I HATE Tim Robbins in MYSTIC RIVER?). One fact suffices to prove this: Cary Grant was nominated just twice — for PENNY SERENADE and NONE BUT THE LONELY HEART. Yes, the greatest film comedian ever got nominated for an orphanage tear-jerker and a Clifford Odets bit of cockney social consciousness. So most of the time, the Golden Globe drama winner has the advantage over the Golden Globe comedy winner. So, I’ll go out on a limb and predict that LORD OF THE RINGS 3.0 will win the Best Picture. Unless there’s pictures of Peter Jackson with a dead girl or a live boy — only in Hollywood, that might even improve its chances.

    More seriously, all the extracinematic reasons that films win Oscars are pointing LORD’s way — it was the capper to one of the most commercially successful series of all time, and, unlike say THE MATRIX movies, it was a succes d’estime as well. Neither of the first two films got much love from Oscar (the first got 13 nominations, but only four victories in minor categories; the second got just six nods and two minor victories) — so voting for it becomes a way both to salute the whole trilogy and to make up for past snubs. There’s also not a clear alternative front-runner right up Oscar-bait Alley, like there was with CHICAGO last year. So my Magic 8-ball sez the man who made HEAVENLY CREATURES takes home the gold in a month.

    Now, I have to *see* the damn thing.

    October 2007 update: Never did see LOTR3. Don’t feel the slightest bit unfulfilled.

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    1. […] nomination for Bill Murray, and he might even win, though my money would be on Sean Penn (insert this rant from yesterday about the Academy giving short shrift to comedy and comic […]

      Pingback by Love and hate about the Oscar nominations « Rightwing Film Geek | January 11, 2008 | Reply

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Christian Toto1
Hollywood In Toto

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  • Dern Gives Duplicitous ‘J.T. LeRoy’ a Boost
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    J T LeRoy movie review Laura Dern

    The recent Salisbury Review, a quarterly conservative magazine founded by Sir Roger Scruton, began this way:

    “A woman who calls herself a man can have a baby, but

    The post Dern Gives Duplicitous ‘J.T. LeRoy’ a Boost appeared first on Hollywood in Toto.

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Soiled Sinema8
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  • eXistenZ
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    The majority of eXistenZ can be attributed to the aesthetic and visual motifs seen throughout Cronenberg's career spanning such volumes of ...
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The Federalist Staff8
The Federalist

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  • Caitlyn Jenner Can't Be Woman Of The Year
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    To prove either that they have reached the pinnacle of patriarchal leftism, or that they are making the biggest joke in the history of mankind (on us), Glamour magazine has named Caitlin nee Bruce Jenner “Woman of the Year.” To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of this award, Reese Witherspoon will accompany him on the December cover. This is not only absurd, but patriarchal posturing at its finest; not to mention an insult to real women everywhere. Guys? We’re in Crazy Territory It was all fun and games—except when it wasn’t—when Jenner announced he was going to begin playacting a woman for the foreseeable future. As if that wasn’t enough, the transgender lobby prodded their ideal posterboy further Left. Next, ESPN awarded him with its Arthur Ashe Courage Award, and he secured his own reality show, “I Am Cait.” Enough is enough. Glamour goes too far. Jenner cannot be woman of the year because—kids, close your eyes—he has a penis. Jenner might feel like he is a woman, he might want to be a woman, he might be living as a woman, but thoughts do not generate biology or reality. (I’d like to think I’m a millionaire and living in Turks and Caicos year-round, but that doesn’t make it so.) The fact that Glamour is even passing this off as some kind of convoluted, uber-progressive fact is absolutely mind-bending. It’s as if we’ve taken the blue pill a long time ago and Neo is actually Trinity. When “The Matrix” is the only working analogy, we have a problem. This Is a Cultural Ploy The progressive left is to culture what Hollywood is to “House of Cards:” Sure, there’s some real elements incorporated, but some things get exaggerated—or altogether lost—in the shuffle. Grant it, this is Glamour. It’s not like we expected them to pick Laura Bush as woman of the year. So one could consider the source and just as easily shrug it off. But as a college professor once said, “A movie is never just a movie,” and likewise a magazine cover is never just a magazine cover. By choosing Jenner as woman of the year, Glamour endorses the idea that men are better at being women than we are. By choosing Jenner as woman of the year, Glamour endorses the idea that men are better at being women than we are. Glamour is sending a clear message about a new kind of feminist-driven patriarch, who pushes women out of our spaces and expects submissiveness of their feminist enablers. Transgender women tend to be hyper-aggressive. Remember when Zoey Tur told Ben Shapiro he’s going out in an ambulance? Martine Rothblatt, a transgender woman, graced the cover of New York Magazine as highest-paid female CEO in the nation. Apparently real women can’t cut it, so we’ve got to import men into our ranks to win awards. Perhaps this just shows a split among liberal feminist types, but doesn’t it seem odd after hearing them rail for years about men setting standards (even for things like heart attack symptoms) that we’re now supposed to be hailing someone who’s lived all his life as a man as an exemplar of all that is good among women? Now women don’t even get to decide for ourselves what marks the best and most impressive qualities of our own sex? That feels ideologically oppressive. If anything, Jenner should win man of the year for winning woman of the year. Usurping a women’s award is pretty much the most male thing ever, is it not? This Is Insulting to All Women As a bona fide woman with real ovaries and breasts and who’s experienced countless menstrual cycles and given birth to four babies—all uniquely female issues—I’m slightly offended a man was named woman of the year. Men boast their own unique strengths, but so do women. To laud a man for living as a woman is to insult and patronize women who have borne and overcome incredible odds and achieved great successes because of their uniquely womanly traits. If we’re going with a man for woman of the year, why not consider Vladimir Putin’s suggestion: Barack Obama. If we’re going with a man for woman of the year, why not consider Vladimir Putin’s suggestion: Barack Obama. More sincerely, why not the three American men who subdued the gunman on the train in France? Surely acts of sacrifice and heroism warrant more praise than dressup. As for women, what about Dafne Almazan? Just barely a woman, at 13, she has become the world’s youngest psychologist and according to Forbes is one of Mexico’s 50 most powerful women. This year on her birthday, Malala Yousafzai, winner of last year’s Nobel Peace Prize (the youngest winner ever), opened a school for Syrian refugees in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, near the Syrian border. Yousafzai was targeted and nearly killed by the Taliban for advocating for women’s education. She, too, is a worthy role model. If Glamour’s staying stateside, why not consider Elizabeth Holmes, the college dropout who developed technology that can retrieve blood samples easier, cheaper, and with only a few pricks to the finger. Her partnership with Walgreens pharmacies is growing. Heck, even Taylor Swift would have made a better woman of the year, if only because of her philanthropy. Kayla Mueller was an American relief worker whom ISIS members captured, held hostage, and repeatedly raped. Before she was killed, she reportedly tried to protect other women who were forced to be sex slaves, too. What about the quieter resolve of the mother who, diagnosed with cancer a second time, refused treatment that would harm her baby in utero and succumbed to the disease when her newborn was six weeks old? I’ve undoubtedly left out dozens of other women who have embraced their unique qualities and left their mark on 2015. It’s time to stop the patriarchy-reinforcing posturing about Jenner’s transition. He may have his own show, but it need not go on in real life the way it does on reality TV. It’s patronizing to women because it overlooks their very makeup. It’s demoralizing to women who have used their gifts, led by example, and made the world a better place. Correction: The author suggests Glamour consider Elizabeth Holmes to receive its award. In fact, she has already received it. View the complete list here. We regret the oversight. ]]>
    (Review Source)

Vox Day2
Castalia House

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  • Why the Wachowskis suck
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    There is a simple explanation for why the second and third Matrix movies were so bad, and why the Wachowskis haven't been able to produce a movie that is one-tenth as intriguing as the original The Matrix. They aren't genuine storytellers and The Matrix wasn't their story, they were ripping off a comic book that served as the graphic storyboard for the first movie.
    In 1999, The Matrix came out and blew everyone away with its insane action sequences, revolutionary cinematic techniques and, most of all, a mind-fucking plot that left the head of every viewer filled with intense philosophical questions.

    What It's Suspiciously Like:

    The Invisibles, a cult comic book series created by Grant Morrison, is basically about a group of individuals who fight the establishment because the establishment is secretly keeping people dumb and hiding the fact that reality is an illusion. Turns out that the "real world" is ruled by horrifying insect-like demons. One more thing: The Invisibles debuted in 1994....

    The Wachowskis have never acknowledged The Invisibles as an influence, even though they had invited the comic's creator Grant Morrison to contribute a story for their website. Morrison -- who actually liked The Matrix -- says he "was told by people on the set that Invisibles books were passed around for visual reference." His reaction to the second and third movies? "They should have kept on stealing from me."
    The real problem with Hollywood isn't the lack of creativity among those responsible for making movies. The real problem is the ridiculous pretensions of those who are technically skilled movie makers to be something that they are not, which is storytellers. At its root, the inability of the Wachowskis to give proper credit and continue to utilize Grant Morrison's storytelling abilities is no different than James Cameron stealing from Harlan Ellison or Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens crapping all over Tolkien with their idiotic dialogue additions and "feminine energy". Their pride, narcissism, and incapacity for understanding their limits causes them to produce movies that are much worse than they would be if they would simply focus on their cinematic craft and leave the story construction to the storytellers.

    The issue here isn't IP legalities, but the intrinsic stupidity of trying to claim an idea that wasn't yours as your own. It's foolish, because everyone is going to realize that the first idea wasn't yours just as soon as you're forced to come up with a second idea and it becomes obvious that you're completely incapable of doing so.

    Labels: ,

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Return of Kings Staff5
Return of Kings

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  • 6 Reasons To Boycott Hollywood Forever
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    Corey is an iconoclast and the author of 'Man's Fight for Existence'. He believes that the key to life is for men to honour their primal nature. Visit his new website at
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John Nolte3
Daily Wire / Breitbart

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  • 'Fury Road': A Look Back at 36 Years of 'Mad Max'
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    With 37 reviews in, director George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” sits at an impressive 97% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Many of the reviews are outright raves and make clear that after four decades as a filmmaker, Miller went old school to make the action genre once again feel fresh and vital. “Fury Road’s”  action sequences go back to the future by actually respecting the idea of spatial logic. Better still, there is almost no CGI. Gee, what a concept. The fourquel, which hits theatres Friday, is supposed to launch a brand new franchise. Star Tom Hardy, who steps in for Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky (aka Mad Max aka The Man with No Name aka The Road Warrior), is attached to three more films. This is remarkable for a number of reasons. To begin with, it has been a full 30 years since the last “Mad Max” (1985’s “Thunderdome”). On top of that, Miller is 70 years of age. Most directors are past their prime at that age, especially when it comes to action films. And then there’s the not-small detail that not a single one of the previous “Mad Max” films were huge hits here in America. “Mad
    (Review Source)

Hugh Hewitt1
Salem Radio Network

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  • "Debate #1: Wow!" by Clark Judge
    (”The Matrix” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    A special column from Clark Judge, who actually knows what it means to advise presidents on messaging: Debate #1: Wow!By Clark S. Judge: managing director, White House Writers Group, Inc.; chairman, Pacific Research Institute Remember that line at the end of The Sting? Triumphant over the success of their project, Robert Redford turns to Paul Newman, recalling Newman’s warning when they first hatched their plan, says, “You were right, it’s not enough.” Then he breaks into a big smile and adds, “But it’s close.” That was last night’s debate. No, it was not the end of the campaign. But it was huge. Maybe more than the all-but-unanimous view of the commentariate has it that Romney won and won big. For the critical demographic number in this race is not the 2% or the 47% but the 14% — the 14% of voters who tell Rasmussen pollsters that they are not certain voters for either the president or Governor Romney (by polling standards those who are certain are evenly split between the two candidates). [# More #] How transformative was last night’s confrontation for the 14%? Frank Luntz ran one of his focus groups on the Fox News Channel. When Luntz asked who had voted for Mr. Obama in 2008, a large portion of his thirty to forty member group raised their hands. With only a few exceptions, all had flipped to Romney by evening’s end. There will be lots of talk in the days ahead about Romney’s clear and devastating (to Obama) explanation of his tax position, Medicare, the price of Solyndra and other boondoggles in other lost opportunities… his apt phrase “trickle-down government”… his noting that most of the oil-industry tax breaks the president routinely denounces go to small drillers and will be candidates for elimination if he (Romney) can bring the corporate tax rate down enough… his calling out of Obama’s fantasy charge about businesses getting tax breaks for moving jobs overseas (“I’ve been in business for 25 years and I have no idea what you’re talking about”). The list goes on and on. For the first time someone effectively challenged the president’s parallel universe version of both Mr. Romney’s positions and the way our economy operates – and all the world could see that, confronted with reality, Mr. Obama had no real response. I don’t want to get lost in movie analogies, but at times it was like the moment Keanu Reeves wakes up in The Matrix with Lawrence Fishburne looking down on him and Fishburne intones, “Welcome to the real world.” All that was great. But listening to Luntz’s group, something else stood out as the ultimately transformative moment of the night: Governor Romney’s discussion of reaching across the aisle in Massachusetts, including his entirely adult noting that, while a leader lays down broad principles, there will be many approaches for getting to those principle and a leader can’t take a “my way or the highway” approach. As I say, Romney’s was an adult account of political leadership and went directly to the signal shortcomings of the president’s tenure, announced in the early days of his presidency. No statement showed Mr. Obama’s lack of preparation for the White House more completely than three words he spoke to the Republican House caucus when he met with first them: “Remember, I won.” That is not how a mature political executive (mayor, governor or president) talks to legislators. Romney’s account of how he met his Massachusetts challenge (a legislature that was 87 percent Democrat) showed how big time political leaders work. From their discussion, it sounded to me as though that moment sealed the deal for the switchers in the Luntz focus group. Ahead of us lie three debates, four and a half weeks of campaigning, hundreds of rallies, a hundred thousand or more 30-second ads, untold Internet ads, probably more Chicago-style graveyard voting than we have ever seen in a presidential contest, some kind of October surprise from Team Obama (perhaps a bogus charge against Mr. Romney coming too late for correction before Election Day) – in other words, get ready for the eternity in an hour character of the final weeks of a presidential contest. But still… still… last night was transformative. An adult candidate spoke to the voters as adults. If he keeps it up through Election Day, America just might elect a new president. Wow! Previous: The Left In Shock: President Obama Was As Unprepared For The Debate As He Was For The Presidency Next: "He Lied! He Lied! He Lied!": The Left Responds To Obama's Debate Disaster ]]>
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