The Iceman

Not rated yet!
Ariel Vromen
1 h 45 min
Release Date
1 September 2012
Thriller, Crime, Drama
The true story of Richard Kuklinski, the notorious contract killer and family man.
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PJ Media Staff1
PJ Media

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  • Review: The Iceman
    Klavan On The Culture var dataLayer = window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; dataLayer.push({ 'videoName': 'The Iceman Official Trailer #1 (2013) Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta Movie HD', 'videoType': 'Curated' }); When I first saw the interviews with Richard Kuklinski released under the name "The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Hitman," I was struck by the fact that the killer worked hard to depict himself as a cold-blooded professional when it was obvious he was, in fact, a rage-filled psychopath wracked with hellish inner agony. That insight, in fact, went into my creation of the Shadowman, the hit man in my Weiss and Bishop trilogy of detective novels.One of the many things I really liked about this fictionalized film of Kuklinski's story, The Iceman, is that the excellent Michael Shannon depicts Kuklinski exactly so: as a man who is motivated by an anger so tormenting he can't even allow himself to feel it.It's Shannon and the rest of the fantastic cast that make this movie tick. The perfect Winona Ryder,  Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, my outrageously talented pal Robert Davi, David Schwimmer, and even James Franco in a cameo — they're all not only spectacular but weirdly fun to watch in what otherwise might have been a somewhat grim and plodding story. It's not that the script is bad, it's just that the story doesn't have that many different or original places to go so it depends on its actors to create fascinating characters of depth, complexity and even humor in a very small space.If you enjoy gritty crime drama, this is the stuff. Not a classic by any means, but a nice, solid addition to the genre. class="pages"> ]]>
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Debbie Schlussel1
The New York Post

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  • Wknd Box Office: Star Trek Into Darkness, The Iceman, Erased, The Company You Keep
    Blog Posts Movie Reviews The Iceman“: I hated this movie. It’s cold, pointless killing-porn. It’s supposed to be the story of real-life mob hitman Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon), who died in federal prison, where he was sent for life, after getting caught. I like a good mob movie. This wasn’t one. It had no story, unless you count a guy killing people and sawing them up into pieces–in a very graphic way–a story. I don’t. I didn’t exactly enjoy the brutal killings up close, such as the murder of an innocent homeless man on a dare. Famous shoplifter Winona Ryder plays Kuklinski’s naive wife, who does not really know he’s a hitman for a living (nor do their two young daughters). But it’s not like we haven’t seen that in a million mob and gangster movies. There’s nothing new or novel here. In fact, it’s so hackneyed and retreaded that Ray Liotta is cast in the novel role of mobster. FOUR MARXES ]]>
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Michael Medved1

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  • The Iceman
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Vox Day1
Castalia House

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  • The death cult in comics
    (”The Iceman” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    The estimable John C. Wright explains why Marvel and DC Comics are pursuing their present course:
    What is happening is that the leaders at SJW Marvel would prefer to put Politically Correct nonsense and crap into bookstores for sale than real stories penned by good writers about heroic topics.

    They do not know why. To them it looks like financial suicide.

    I submit to your candid judgment that if you look at a man's financial motives, you are not seeing the whole man. Man seeks money to buy bread, but man does not live by bread alone. No culture in the history of the world ever existed without rites and rituals and sacrifice to hidden powers greater than human life. For the communist East, that power was the material dialectic of history, a sort of science flavored goddess, who demanded the bloody sacrifice of world wars, gulags, mass starvation, and endless executions. In the democratic West, the greater power was God, and, to a lesser degree, the ideals of freedom. God demands righteousness; democracy demands civic virtue and the self sacrifice of soldiers and sailors.

    Now, no honest Christian would burn a pinch of incense to Caesar, and call him a god, for any amount of money. Not even the threat of death stirs the heart of the martyr.

    SJW Marvel look at themselves as martyrs.

    They think their goddess, history, will reward them with victory over their enemies, the conservatives, who are the sole source of all greed and evil in the world. All they need do is burn, degrade, and insult the beloved heroes of comics, and turn them all into minorities. The loss of review means nothing to them. They do not want our money.

    They want the reward of righteousness without being righteous. They want to be martyrs without paying the cost in blood. Political correctness allows them to do this. All they need do it take an industry and ruin it in the name of PC.

    The destruction is deliberate. They regard it as a sacrifice. This is a death cult.
    The retailers, on the other hand, signed up for no such sacred mission and they are extremely unhappy with it.
    An exchange between direct market retailers and Marvel Comics editors became heated in the closing minutes of Marvel’s Retailer-Only panel at New York Comic Con 2017, starting after a unidentified retailer expressed concern about Marvel’s lenticular variants not selling well in his store.

    Marvel executive editors Tom Brevoort and Nick Lowe fielded the question, thanking the obviously upset retailer for his feedback. However, the retailer cut Lowe short to express his distaste for Marvel’s recent trend of replacing or altering its existing characters.

    The retailer specifically cited examples such as characters that don’t reflect the ethnicity, gender, or sexuality of their predecessors – specifically expressing his distaste for Iceman “kissing other men,” and Thor “becoming a woman.” The retailer’s complaints sparked an outcry among the other retailers present in the room, some echoing his frustration, with multiple attendees raising their voices to speak over each other.

    The original speaker called for “creating new characters and not messing with the old guys. The old guys are solid,” while a second said that Marvel has “never replaced its characters like this.”

    Lowe pointed out that the changing nature of the identities of characters was engrained in Marvel’s history, pointing out examples from James Rhodes to Frog Thor. The retailer responded that Marvel has “never replaced them all at once before,” going on to say that he has had Marvel Cinematic Universe fans come into his store to find Avengers comic books only to leave “when they see that Thor is a woman and Captain America is a black man.”
    And what's more, the social justice cancer has spread to the Marvel movies now.
    The rot of Marvel Comics has finally crept into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not just the rot of Social Justice -- the rot of mediocrity.

    On paper the movie sounds awesome. Thor, the God of Thunder, must defend Asgard and the Nine Realms from Hela, the all-powerful Goddess of Death. However, he is stranded on the planet of Sakaar on the other side of the galaxy. Surviving a brutal gladiatorial arena, Thor gathers allies and makes his way home to prevent Ragnarok, the prophesized destruction of Asgard.

    In execution, it was as stale as week-old popcorn. With a basic plot, forgettable dialogue and limp characters, I struggled to remain engaged with the movie, much less care about the story. The heart of the problem lies with the movie's poor craftsmanship and its rejection of the mythic.
    Well, that's certainly interesting, don't you think? I don't know about you, but I love the smell of opportunity in the morning.

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