Return to Oz

Not rated yet!
Walter Murch
1 h 49 min
Release Date
21 June 1985
Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Dorothy, saved from a psychiatric experiment by a mysterious girl, finds herself back in the land of her dreams, and makes delightful new friends, and dangerous new enemies.
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Christian Toto1
Hollywood In Toto

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  • Why ‘Happytime Murders’ Offers Shock, No Awe
    (”Return to Oz” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    happytime murders review melissa mccarthy

    Sometimes one gimmick is all you need in our comedy-starved age.

    That’s not to say “The Happytime Murders” is as subversive as it wants you to think. We’ve seen R-rated

    The post Why ‘Happytime Murders’ Offers Shock, No Awe appeared first on Hollywood in Toto.

    (Review Source)

The Flyby Podcast1
The Binge

(Reviewers' Site/Bio)

  • The Flyby 11/21/18 - Sour Movies Sweet Scores
    (”Return to Oz” is briefly mentioned in this.)
    Sarjex and special guest BJ talk about a few movies with 101 box office problems, but the scores ain't one.
    (Review Source)

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