Kony 2012

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Jason Russell
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5 March 2012
Kony 2012 is a film created by Invisible Children Inc which became a viral video. The film's purpose is to promote the charity's 'Stop Kony' movement to make indicted Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony internationally known in order to arrest him in 2012.
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  • Kony 2012 & Jason Russell

    [1]2,400 words

    Kony 2012 director Jason Russell’s fifteen minutes are almost up, so I thought I would get my thoughts on record before he is hopelessly passé.

    Most commentary has focused on Joseph Kony and Jason Russell themselves. This is understandable, since Kony is a vibrant cannibal statesman and Russell is an obvious magnet for bullying.

    But I want to begin with some comments on the movie. Kony 2012 [2], which was uploaded to YouTube on March 5th, is excellent propaganda — albeit in service of a stupid aim — and Jason Russell, aged 33, is a highly talented filmmaker. (Kony 2012 is the tenth video he has made about Kony.)

    Now before you object, we have to remember that this documentary is directed at Americans — at American ’tards to be precise. Thus everything smarmy, annoying, and pretentious in the video is not just Jason Russell being Jason Russell. It is there because it is carefully calculated to appeal to ’tards. And it does. Over 84 million of them, and counting — nipping at the heels of that talking dog video:

    http://youtu.be/nGeKSiCQkPw [3]

    On Russell’s posters, Kony’s face appears alongside the faces of Osama Bin Laden and Hitler. Why not Stalin and Mao? Because the average American would not recognize either of them. Beyond that, the purpose of the video is, in effect, to start a war with Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army, and the United States has fought wars against Bin Laden and Hitler. So it makes perfect sense.


    Everything about this video is calculated to appeal to the idealism of whites. Undergirding white idealism is an element of grandiosity. The old version of white idealism — the imperialistic, crusading “white man’s burden” version — was based on frank expressions of white pride and supremacism. Whites felt entitled to improve non-whites because we looked down on them and wanted to raise them up to our level, and if that meant invading and colonizing their lands and supplanting their religions and cultures, then so be it.

    The modern version of white idealism on display in Kony 2012 is premised on white guilt and self-hatred, but it is equally supremacist and grandiose, for if one is guilty of everything, then one is responsible for everything, i.e., one can do anything. Every time one pities another, one secretly congratulates oneself for being superior. Every time one blames one’s race for the world’s woes, one slyly congratulates oneself as being part of the only people who really matter, the only real agents of history. Everybody else is just along for the ride.


    If whites are responsible for black crime, wars, cannibalism, corruption, and chaos, that means that blacks are not responsible. They are not agents. The all-powerful white man has somehow turned them into zombies hell-bent on self-destruction. Proclaiming oneself a Christ figure and offering to suffer for the sins of others is obviously pretentious. But declaring oneself a race of devils and doing penance for the sins one has caused others to commit is equally pretentious. And the whole game is given away when the white devils’ penance consists of invading Africa all over again.

    Kony 2012 appeals to white grandiosity on all sorts of levels, not just the explicit message. Three of the more subtle ways of inflating the ego of the viewer are the ideas of exceptionalism, of being on the “cutting edge” of progress, and of “thinking globally.”

    The exceptionalism of this video is ludicrous, but nothing flatters the American ’tard more deeply than the idea that he is engaged in something utterly unique and unprecedented. We are told, for instance, that today, unlike every previous generation, our actions will shape the course of history for subsequent generations. (That’s the difference between us and them.) We are told that if Americans commit troops to finding Joseph Kony, this will be the first time in American history that we have sent troops abroad on a moral crusade unrelated to calculations of national and economic interests. I kid you not.

    The idea of progress is enormously flattering to the ego, for it basically offers us the opportunity to look down upon Plato and Aristotle, Dante and Goethe, Kepler and Newton, Bach and Wagner simply because we were born after them and have been raised to a higher level of civilization by the work of all our forebears. And of course, we can always raise ourselves to an even higher level than “those people” (our knuckle-dragging peers) by integrating our lives with the “cutting edge” of technology, like Facebook and Twitter. Early on in the film, Russell informs us portentously that there are more people on Facebook than there were alive on the planet 200 years ago. Later, we are also informed that Facebook and Twitter have “changed everything” by allowing “the people” to shape policy directly, bypassing the moneyed interests and establishment media. Moral superiority is only a free Facebook and Twitter account away.


    The idea of “thinking globally” is underscored from the very beginning. This movie does not begin with the Big Bang, but it does start out in the solar system. Then we see our planet, a blue oasis of life in the black desert of space. We see a baby being born. All of us begin this way, Russell informs us. And all of us matter. Throughout the movie, Russell moves masterfully from the global to the particular. One graphic shows the faces, in color, of two people who know about Kony’s crimes against the backdrop of thousands of black and white images of the ignorant. As the images recede, they form a globe. Later, we see a vast sea of faces in color. That’s progress! Another graphic illustrates the thousands of victims of Joseph Kony. Then it zooms in on the face of one child, whom we have already met. It is seductive. We see the big picture. We see ourselves as the kind of people who see the big picture. Yet we never lose sight of each precious individual. That’s just the kind of people we are. We see the universe in every grain of sand.

    And now that we have achieved enlightenment, we are told what to do. We need to Tweet Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, and other members of the Hollywood Brain Trust to support sending US troops to Uganda. We need to donate a few dollars to Invisible Children ($10 million were donated last year), for which we will receive an Action Kit: a box including two Kony 2012 bracelets, as well as posters, stickers, yard signs, and flyers designed to raise awareness of Kony. The bracelets have serial numbers. Enter your number into a website, and one has an account. One can geo-tag one’s posters and flyers with one’s phone and track one’s impact in real time. The goal of the campaign is to change the conversation of the culture by making Jospeh Kony famous. This campaign will culminate on April 20th, with the Cover the Night initiative, in which Russell’s followers will blanket the world with Kony propaganda. (I hope the kit contains information on how the get bailed out of jail on the morning of April 21st.) The video ends with three things the viewer can do right away, from the comfort of his own keyboard.

    The reactionary in me wants to sneer and poke fun at all this, but the revolutionary in me is taking notes. Because this is the kind of work that White Nationalists should be doing. Imagine if the South Africa Project [7], which has done excellent work raising awareness of anti-white genocide in South Africa, were to grow into something like Russell’s Invisible Children charity, which spent nearly $9 million last year on its projects, including the Kony 2012 video. And Invisible Children is just one of many charities funneling aid into the black hole of Africa.

    Now, there’s nothing wrong with thinking globally, if one really is thinking. And there’s nothing wrong with idealism, provided one has the right ideas. The problem with Invisible Children and every other pro-black charity is that they are premised on massive moral, political, and demographic delusions. Listening to Jason Russell, you would think that whites run the world and are essentially invulnerable, while Africans are an endangered species.

    But the truth is that whites do not run the world. We do not even run our own countries. We are ruled by Jews who are promoting low white fertility, racial miscegenation, and race-replacement immigration by fast-breeding non-whites as a deliberate policy of anti-white genocide. As the global white population is in demographic decline, Africans cannot slaughter and eat one another fast enough to prevent their populations from doubling every few decades.


    Jews, moreover, are masters at manipulating the altruism and idealism of people like Jason Russell into sacrificing white genetic interests to non-whites, although such behavior also has rather deep roots in white history and psychology. In the United States, for instance, Jews had little or no role in the abolition of slavery, but they played a large role in the Civil Rights movement, which was grafted onto the indigenous stock of abolitionism even as it was used to further Jewish ethnic interests.

    As for taking sides in African civil wars: Africa is filled with savage warlords who commit horrifying atrocities. It is only natural to feel sympathy for the victims of such atrocities. But is it really logical to conclude that the victims are fundamentally morally different from their persecutors? If they were stronger, would the victims treat their persecutors with any more humanity? Would they not also rape, torture, mutilate, slaughter, and cannibalize their enemies in the grand African fashion? If this is the case, then why take sides in their conflicts? And why, of all things, bring them here and resettle them as refugees? That’s just asking for trouble.

    In the specific case of Joseph Kony, sending US military advisers to Uganda de facto strengthens the existing Ugandan government of Yoweri Museveni, who also uses child soldiers and has been guilty of torture and repression since assuming office in 1986. Joseph Kony, moreover, has not been seen in Uganda since 2006, which raises the question of whether Invisible Children, like so many other charities, has long outlived its usefulness.

    On March 15th, Jason Russell was picked up by police in Southern California and taken to a psychiatric ward for observation. As Jim Goad [9] put it so cattily:

    several witnesses reported seeing a naked man mincing and flitting around the street while wagging his finger like a disapproving Mick Jagger. He was reportedly screaming at passersby, pounding his fists on the pavement, interfering with traffic, and vandalizing cars. According to at least one witness, Russell was openly masturbating in the warm California sun. At press time, it remains unclear whether the alleged masturbation and car-vandalizing were separate incidents or were instead fused into one very weird act of vehicular sexual assault

    But why take Goad’s word for it? See for yourself [10]. (The naughty bits are tastefully blurred.)


    Apparently, the claim of masturbation was unfounded. In the clip, Russell can be heard ranting about the devil. His wife Danica and a spokesman for Invisible Children claim that he suffered a psychotic break induced by stress, as well as malnutrition and dehydration. Russell does not live in an African refugee camp, so why was he starving and dehydrated? He does say in his Invisible Children bio that he is in training for an “Iron Man” competition, so perhaps that explains it.

    Russell’s ego, however, seems to be made of weaker stuff. Apparently, he had been upset by criticism directed at his film and at him personally. Danica Russell claims that “because of how personal the film is, many of the attacks against it were also very personal, and Jason took them very hard.” He is expected to remain hospitalized for a while. I wish him well and implore his doctors not to let him read Jim Goad’s piece, or he might never recover.

    Everything about Jason Russell’s persona makes men want to corner him in the locker room and give him a wedgie. This is how Russell answered the question “Who am I?”

    I am a rebel soul: dream evangelist. I am obsessed with people. I tell stories by making inspiring movies that move people’s emotions, and then I take those emotions and transform them into action. My middle name is Radical. I married my best friend. We have known each other since we were six and seven. I have a three-year-old boy named Gavin Danger & a one-year-old girl named Everley Darling. I truly believe I am the luckiest person on earth because of my family, friends and the ability to go to a dream factory every day for work.

    He also says, “If Oprah, Steven Spielberg and Bono had a baby, I would be that baby.” Naturally, his favorite superhero is Peter Pan.


    Russell certainly gives off a narcissistic vibe, as do most theater people. He gives himself and his son Gavin a lot of screen time in Kony 2012, which I think is effective — if a bit cloying. But I can see how people interpret it as a giant ego trip, which fits in with the underlying grandiosity of his message.

    Russell is also good-looking, and he knows it, judging from his constantly changing hair styles and colors. He dresses like a metrosexual hipster. His speech is fey and sibilant, and he loves musicals. Naturally, he’s being teased as a fag, but he’s probably not gay. He’s just “modern.” Yes, he minces and prances and wags his finger like Mick Jagger. But Mick isn’t gay either. He’s just English.

    Russell seems congenitally liberal and PC, but he is actually an Evangelical Christian, which produces the same ethomasochistic behavior as secular liberalism, although the operating system is slightly different. The two most un-PC — and thus probably the most honest — statements he has made is that he finds pregnant women sexy and wants to have nine more kids with his wife.

    [13]What, then, could explain Russell’s breakdown? I have a theory that actually explains his effeminate behavior as well as a lot of other things, such as his interest in Africa, his talent at making propaganda films, the choreographed crowd scenes from Kony 2012, and even his choice of April 20th (Hitler’s birthday) for the Cover the Night vandalism spree: there really is a woman trapped in Jason Russell’s body and struggling to get out, and her name is Leni Riefenstahl.



    (Review Source)
  • Kony 2012 & Fifth Generation Warfare

    Filmmaker Jason Russell and one of his props

    1,380 words

    Translations: Polish [2], Portuguese [3]

    The Kony 2012 viral campaign has generated a huge amount of interest. The video posted on Youtube [4] has been viewed over 70 million times in less than a week.

    This video is concerned with Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a Uganda-based militia notorious for its kidnapping of children to act as soldiers or sex slaves. The charity Invisible Children released the film, Kony 2012, on March 5th with the aim of publicizing his crimes and encouraging mass protest. They hope to secure his arrest before the end of 2012.

    The Kony 2012 campaign has already been massively successful in generating a staggering amount of publicity. It has effectively utilized and extended existing techniques of social networking and viral campaigning. And it has also been criticized for neo-colonialism. But there are other issues with the Kony 2012 campaign that should give serious pause for thought. These issues are to do with the emergent technologies of 5GW [Fifth Generation Warfare]. Is Kony 2012 a 5GW operation?

    The 5GW model had its genesis in a paper published in the Marine Corps Gazette in 1989 entitled “The Changing Face of War: Into the Fourth Generation [5].” In this paper, Lind et al. developed a model of modern warfare described in terms of four generations of evolutionary development. The first generation of modern warfare (1GW) was characterized by the use of line and column, and muskets. This generation was exemplified in the Napoleonic wars. The second generation (2GW) utilized more ruthless technology, e.g., machine guns and rifles, and was tactically more mobile. World War I represents the peak of 2GW. The third generation (3GW) was the dominant model for most of the remainder of the twentieth century. It attempted to bypass the enemy’s front line through infiltration and rapid movement, and again utilized more deadly technology such as tanks. It is characterized by blitzkrieg.

    The article then argued that a fourth generation of warfare (4GW) was emerging. 4GW “seems likely to be widely dispersed and largely undefined; the distinction between war and peace will be blurred to the vanishing point. It will be nonlinear, possibly to the point of having no definable battlefields or fronts. The distinction between ‘civilian’ and ‘military’ may disappear.” 4GW operatives will not necessarily be identifiable as combatants; instead they will blend into the enemies’ society until they strike. Obviously, the 9/11 attacks fit this model very well.

    Since the publication of “The Changing Face of War” there have been attempts to update the generational model to include a fifth generation (5GW). In 5GW, the battlefield encompasses the entirety of social, political, ideological, scientific, economic and military spheres. It is possible, and in many respects desirable, for the combatants in 5GW to not know whom they are fighting, nor to even know that they are fighting. The full range of Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno (NBIC) technologies are expected to be deployed in 5GW, though in ways that will be highly unpredictable, and perhaps even invisible. A characteristic feature of 5GW is the manipulation of the context of the observers of conflict. Rather than focusing on the physical defeat of an enemy, 5GW recognizes the potential for new technologies to manipulate the belief systems of observers who may support or oppose conflict.

    Is it possible that Kony 2012 is being used, perhaps even without the knowledge of the Invisible Children charity, to carry out a 5GW operation? There are reasons for suspecting that this might be the case.

    One of the more potent weapons of this viral campaign is the focused targeting of ‘Culturemakers’ and ‘Policymakers’ who can be messaged directly through a slick interface on the same webpage as the video. The purpose of such messaging is to keep the campaign in the media spotlight through the Culturemakers, and to force the Policymakers into maintaining an American presence in Central Africa. As is stated in the video, Obama authorized 100 “American advisers” to be deployed to Central Africa to assist in the hunt for Kony. “It was the first time in history that the United States took that kind of action because the people demanded it. Not for self defense but because it was right.” Or, perhaps, because of the oil.

    The discovery of oil in the Albertine Rift [6] in Uganda might, to the cynically minded, provide an excellent reason for the deployment of American forces to Uganda. It is certainly expected to lead to conflict, and one possible outcome can be seen by looking at the oil fields of Nigeria.

    The oil-rich Niger Delta has been the scene of perhaps the most successful 5GW campaign of the last decade. Henry Okah has been referred to as “one of the most important people alive today, a brilliant innovator in warfare. A true global guerrilla.” [7] He is the mastermind behind the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), an organization dedicated to retaining a greater share of the oil wealth for Nigerians. In furtherance of this aim MEND have sabotaged oil fields, siphoned off oil, and taken oil workers hostage. These actions are all intended to make it difficult for Shell to continue its oil operations in the Delta. MEND have managed to curtail $29 billion of oil production by Shell.

    The financing of MEND is miniscule in comparison, as it operates as a 5GW actor. Mercenaries are hired via text messaging for specific jobs, so the membership is nebulous. The publicity for MEND’s attacks is generated through e-mails to news outlets claiming responsibility; the organization itself remains invisible. This type of system-disruption is easily copied by sympathetic followers, so the arrest of Okah (in 2008) did not lead to the demise of MEND. Instead, Okah has provided a model of 5GW that enables otherwise unconnected groups to carry out actions in the name of MEND.

    Whether or not oil-hungry American politicians were viewing Kony as a possible emulator of Okah’s tactics is a moot point. Displacing him will in any case serve the hidden tactical motive of establishing an American military presence in Uganda. This intervention should, on the face of it, have been extremely unpopular. Americans have mostly lost their appetite for foreign intervention, and the most vocal opponents are usually young college students. If there is a hidden 5GW component to Kony 2012 it is primarily aimed at mobilizing young, anti-imperialist liberals to compel the American government to reluctantly intervene in a foreign conflict.

    Instead of the familiar model of intervention taking place and dragging on despite the inevitable attrition of public support, Invisible Children have provided an alternative model whereby intervention becomes first a non-governmental, moral question. As the video states, “because we couldn’t wait for institutions or governments to step in we did it ourselves with our time, talent and money.” By carrying out the role of non-partisan, humanitarian charity workers, Invisible Children have been able to garner a great deal of support for their actions, and it seems a very small step to then pressure the government to supply some “advisers” to assist their good work. By using the emergent technologies of social networking and viral campaigning it has been possible to achieve the perfect conflation of anti-war protest sentiment with American interventionism.

    I suspect that the people who run Invisible Children are nothing but decent. As stated earlier, it is part of the 5GW model that actors in conflicts may not realize that they are engaged. Whilst I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Invisible Children, I am not stupid enough to extend the same courtesy to the American government.

    The deployment of American military personnel in a country that has recently discovered oil is not mere serendipity. What we are witnessing is the manipulation of ‘protest’ in order to hide foreign policy intentions. The US government can quite honestly say that it has been forced to intervene in Uganda due to unprecedented popular support. The success of the Kony 2012 campaign suggests that this will be an area of increased interest to the US military. I do not pretend to know how this 5GW operation has become embedded within the Invisible Children charity but I have little doubt that this is what has happened. When we ask, “who benefits?” we usually find our culprit.


    (Review Source)
  • Kony 2012 & Guerra de Quinta Geração

    [1]1,416 words

    English original here [2]

    A campanha viral Kony 2012 gerou uma enorme quantidade de interesse. O vídeo [3] postado no Youtube foi visto mais de 70 milhões de vezes em menos de uma semana.

    O vídeo trata de Joseph Kony, o líder do Exército de Resistência do Senhor (LRA), uma milícia ugandense notória por seu sequestro de crianças que são então treinadas como soldados ou escravas sexuais. A ONG Invisible Children lançou o filme Kony 2012 em 5 de março com o objetivo de publicizar seus crimes e encorajar protestos. Eles esperam garantir sua prisão antes do fim de 2012.

    A campanha Kony 2012 já conseguiu um sucesso massivo em gerar uma enorme publicidade. Ela efetivamente utilizou e ampliou as técnicas existentes de conexão social e campanha viral. E ela também tem sido criticada por neocolonialismo. Mas há outras questões relativas à campanha Kony 2012 sobre as quais nós deveríamos refletir. Essas questões tem relação com as tecnologias emergentes de Guerra de Quinta Geração. Seria Kony 2012 uma operação de guerra de quinta geração?

    O modelo de guerra de quinta geração teve sua gênese em um artigo publicado na Marine Corps Gazette em 1989 entitulada “A Face Mutante da Guerra: Em Direção à Quarta Geração” [4]. Nesse artigo, Lind e companhia desenvolveram um modelo de guerra moderna descrito em termos de quatro gerações de desenvolvimento evolutivo. A primeira geração da guerra moderna era caracterizada pelo uso de linha e coluna, e de mosquetes. Essa geração foi exemplificada nas guerras napoleônicas. A segunda geração utilizou uma tecnologia mais impiedosa, como metralhadoras e rifles, e era taticamente mais móvel. A Primeira Guerra Mundial representa o ápice da guerra de segunda geração. A terceira geração foi o modelo dominante para a maior parte do resto do século XX. Ela tentou ultrapassar a linha de frente do inimigo através de infiltração e movimento rápido, e novamente utilizou tecnologias mais mortíferas como tanques. Ela é caracterizada pela blitzkrieg.

    O artigo então defende que uma quarta geração da guerra estava emergindo. A quarta geração da guerra “provavelmente será amplamente dispersa e pouco definida; a distinção entre e guerra e paz será relativizada até o ponto da anulação. Ela será não-linear, possivelmente ao ponto de não ter campos de batalha ou frontes definidos. A distinção entre ‘civil’ e ‘combatente’ pode desaparecer”. Operativos da guerra de quarta geração não serão necessariamente identificáveis como combatentes; ao invés eles se misturarão com a sociedade do inimigo até o momento de atacar. Obviamente, os ataques de 11/09 se encaixam muito bem nesse modelo.

    Desde a publicação de “A Face Mutante da Guerra” tem havido tentativas de atualizar o modelo generacional para incluir uma quinta geração. Na guerra de quinta geração, o campo de batalha engloba a totalidade das esferas social, política, ideológica, científica, econômica e militar. É possível, e em muitos sentidos desejável, que os combatentes da guerra de quinta geração não saibam quem eles estão lutando, ou nem mesmo que eles estão lutando. Espera-se que todo o arsenal das tecnologicas NBIC (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno) seja utilizado na guerra de quinta geração, ainda que de modos extremamente imprevisíveis, e talvez até invisíveis. Uma característica marcante da guerra de quinta geração é a manipulação do contexto dos observadores do conflito. Ao invés de focar na derrota física do inimigo, a guerra de quinta geração reconhece o potencial para que novas tecnologias manipulem os sistemas de crença dos observadores que podem apoiar ou se opôr ao conflito.


    É possível que Kony 2012 esteja sendo utilizado, talvez mesmo sem o conhecimento da ONG Invisible Children, para realizar uma operação de guerra de quinta geração? Há fortes razões para suspeitar que este pode ser o caso.

    Uma das armas mais potentes dessa campanha viral é a mira focalizada sobre “formadores de opinião” e “elaboradores de políticas” que podem ser contatados diretamente através de uma astuta interface na mesma página do vídeo. O propósito desse contato é manter a campanha no foco da mídia através dos formadores de opinião, e forçar os elaboradores de políticas a manter a uma presença americana na África Central. Como é afirmado no vídeo, Obama autorizou o envio de 100 “consultores americanos” à África Central para ajudar na caçada por Kony. “Foi a primeira vez na história que os EUA tomaram essa decisão porque o povo demandou. Não por autodefesa mais porque era certo”. Ou, talvez, por causa do petróleo.

    A descoberta de petróleo no Rifte de Albertina [6] na Uganda, pode, para os de mentalidade mais cínica, oferecer uma excelente razão para o envio de forças americanas à Uganda. É certamente esperado que ela leve a um conflito, e um possível resultado pode ser visto olhando-se para os campos de petróleo da Nigéria.

    O rico Delta do Níger ten sido cenário da possivelmente mais bem sucedida campanha de guerra de quinta geração da última década. Henry Okah tem sido lembrado como “uma das pessoas mais importantes vivas hoje, um brilhante inovador na guerra. Um verdadeiro guerrilheiro global” [7]. Ele é o cérebro por trás do Movimento pela Emancipação do Delta do Níger (MEND), uma organização dedicada a reter uma maior quantidade de petróleo para os nigerianos. Na busca por este objetivo, o MEND tem sabotado campos de petróleo, roubado petróleo, e tomado funcionários de petrolíferas como reféns. Essas ações todas objetivam tornam mais difícil para a Shell continuar suas operações no Delta. O MEND conseguiu reduzir em 29 bilhões de dólares a produção de petróleo da Shell.

    O financiamento do MEND é minúsculo em comparação, já que ele opera como um ator de guerra de quinta geração. Mercenários são contratados por SMS para trabalhos específicos, assim a filiação é nebulosa. A publicidade para os ataques do MEND é gerada através de e-mails para redes de notícia clamando responsabilidade; mas a organização em si permanece invisível. Esse tipo de perturbação do sistema é facilmente copiada por seguidores simpáticos, assim a prisão de Okah (em 2008) não levou ao fim do MEND. Ao invés, Okah forneceu um modelo de guerra de quinta geração que permite que grupos outrora desconectados realizem ações em nome do MEND.

    Quer a América faminta por petróleo estivesse vendo Kony como um possível imitador das táticas de Okah ou não, é irrelevante. Removê-lo em todo caso servirá ao motivo tático oculto de estabelecer uma presença militar na Uganda. Essa intervenção deveria, a primeira vista, ter sido extremamente impopular. Os americanos perderam a maior parte de seu apetite por intervenções estrangeiras, e os oponentes mais vocais são normalmente jovens estudantes universitários. Se há um componente oculto de guerra de quinta geração em Kony 2012 ele é primariamente dirigido a mobilizar jovens esquerdistas anti-imperialistas para forçar o governo americano a relutantemente intervir em um conflito estrangeiro.

    Ao invés do modelo familiar de intervenção ocorrer e se arrastar apesar do inevitável atrito com a opinião pública, a ONG Invisible Children forneceu um modelo alternativo através do qual a intervenção se torna primeiro uma questão não-governamental, moral. Como o vídeo afirma, “porque nós não podíamos esperar para que instituições ou governos se posicionassem nós agimos por contra própria, com nosso tempo, talento e dinheiro”. Ao desempenhar o papel de filantropos humanitários e apartidários, a Invisible Children tem sido capaz de angariar um enorme apoio para suas ações, e parece um pequeno passo para então pressionar o governo para que forneça alguns “consultores” para auxiliar em sua boa obra. Ao usar as tecnologias emergentes de redes sociais e campanha viral tem sido possível alcançar o amálgama perfeito entre sentimento de protesto anti-belicista e intervencionismo americano.

    Eu suspeito que as pessoas que comandam a ONG Invisible Children não sejam senão decentes. Como afirmado antes, é parte do modelo de guerra de quinta geração que os atores en conflito possam não perceber que estão engajados. Enquanto eu estou disposto a dar o benefício da dúvida à Invisible Children, eu não sou estúpido o bastante para estender a mesma cortesia ao governo americano.

    O deslocamento de militares americanos para um país no qual acabou de se descobrir petróleo não é mera coincidência. O que nós estamos testemunhando é a manipulação do “protesto” de modo a ocultar intenções políticas estrangeiras. O governo americano pode afirmar bem honestamente que ele foi forçado a intervir na Uganda graças a um apoio popular sem precedentes. O sucesso da campanha Kony 2012 sugere que essa será uma área de crescente interesse para as forças armadas americanas. Eu não finjo saber como que essa operação de guerra de quinta geração misturou-se com a ONG Invisible Children mas eu não tenho dúvidas de que foi isso o que ocorreu. Quando nós perguntamos “quem lucra?” nós normalmente encontramos o culpado.

    Source: http://legio-victrix.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/kony-2012-guerra-de-quinta-geracao.html?spref=fb [8]

    (Review Source)
  • Podcast No. 9 Down the Rabbit Hole with Horus the Avenger

    time: 40:54/7,200 words [1]

    Audio Version: To listen in a player, click here [2].

    To download the mp3, right-click here [2] and choose “save link as.”

    To subscribe to our podcasts, click here [3].

    Mike: I’m here with Counter-Currents Editor Greg Johnson. We’re speaking today with Horus the Avenger, creator of the very popular and influential Follow the White Rabbit podcast series on WhiteRabbitRadio.net [4]. Horus, how did you get started with the podcasts and what did you hope to achieve when you started them?

    Horus: Basically I was originally asked to bring out a podcast by an associate of Bob Whitaker, from WhitakerOnline.org [5]. And the podcast itself we came up with Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit, and it is done in allegory, meaning I’m a White Rabbit. But we’re not really rabbits, we’re speaking in allegorical terms obviously.

    The objective was, why wasn’t Bob successful in getting the Little Stormfronters – that what I call them at least – on a Consistent Message. What is going on? Because he has a Consistent Message: he is a professional at writing this, he has done it at the highest levels on this planet. He was involved in the front against Communism even in places like the CIA. Why aren’t they getting our message, why aren’t they using his stuff?

    And we found out some interesting things. One, there was a disconnect in audiences: he’s kind of old. Two, he’s targeting the wrong audience. Instead of targeting, like we’ve done, anyone White and normal that happens to be surfing the site, he’s trying to target the Stormfronters themselves. And when you get into dissident communities — it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Soviet dissidents, or the pro-White dissidents like yourselves – you’re dealing with very individualistic audiences with very individualistic characters who are not prone to go on a Consistent Message. For various different reasons they want to develop their own techniques, it could just be ego: another leader doesn’t want to use his stuff.

    And so I took a step back and I basically had a wing at it. I did six podcasts that . . . I didn’t have a website then, this was six months before WhiteRabbitRadio.net [4], which is my site, came out in September of 2009. This was six months prior to that.

    We put up six podcasts on WhitakerOnline.org and it kind of blew up in our faces. Basically I’m just targeting anyone White and normal that surfs Stormfront, that likes alternative news and research. And the reason we’re targeting them is, based on our research, they want to fight the New World Order. They’re interested in it. The largest, most successful sites in the world, outside of White Nationalism. You have a very big asset that’s not being deployed against an enemy. Effectively in our opinion the largest asset would have been the Infowars, the Rense.com which I advertise on as of right now. These are huge, huge websites, the largest in the world, and these people are active in fighting the New World Order. But at the same time there was a huge missing link: they weren’t making it racial. So what I do is I twist everything back to making it racial basically. And it worked but better than most expected. There’s a lot of surfing in between the Infowars and the Rense.coms, and you’ll even find websites like yours and Stormfront; all the big White Nationalist websites. They’re looking for answers; they have questions.

    But no one’s ever tried to approach them personally in a way that they would like to hear. So that’s what I attempted to do. I only expected to do six, and then we actually ended up getting WhiteRabbitRadio.net, and I rolled out over 70. And now of course we have a subscriber series where we carry on news and views as well as alternative news and research: I cover both ends in separate podcasts called “Endgame Exotica [6],” and that’s how we raise capital. We sell digital media besides T-shirts and whatnot. And we’ve been able to raise capital to support advertising on very expensive sites like Rense.com

    That’s where we’ve been, and we’re heading into animation.

    Greg: That’s great. That’s great. So you’ve been doing this for about two and a half years. Where do you get the White Rabbit terminology, and where do you get the Horus the Avenger terminology?

    Horus: Horus the Avenger is pre-dynastic Egypt. And at the time I was asked to do it, it was really just off the top of my head. At the time I was asked to do it I was reading all about the Hyksos in Egypt. Our enemy has a big connection to the Hyksos; that’s another podcast for Counter-Currents. What I was interested in at the time is not necessarily . . . most of our side always thought that White Nationalists, Paleoconservatives, go into our enemy in the past 3-400 years. I’ve been doing something radically different about 10–15 years ago: I started taking the alternative news and research segments really seriously and going to our enemy way back, what they say. And so at the time I was looking at the Hyksos, they were driven out of Egypt. And the Egyptians resurrected this ancient mythos, this ancient allegory of Horus the Avenger killing the red hippopotamus.

    And I thought it was rather entertaining, so I married the two together. At the time the person that asked me to do it, Bob Whitaker – if you know anything, he’s big on shortwave radio, and so is this individual. He was using White Rabbit for something. And so I thought of Follow the White Rabbit of the famous Alice in Wonderland.

    And that of course has ancient links to Europe. Right now it’s very common for any listener to see a White Rabbit because they’re raised in captivity, but our ancient ancestors did not see White Rabbits that often. They were considered a huge omen of good luck simply because they’re so rare. An albino white rabbit in the wild is very, very rare: it’s like lightning striking. And they were associated with good luck; they’re associated with divine intervention.

    So I just married the two in tongue in cheek. And invented the characters because we have a problem, my listeners know we have a problem with an enemy that looks like us but they have no loyalty to us. Now we talk about the Jews, but I made it into Pink Rabbits. I don’t consider our enemy necessarily non-Whites, because who imported them?


    Down with Pink Rabbits!

    And most of the alternative news and research realizes there’s a problem at the top of Western Civilization that’s White. They know about the Zionism, but I start making moves into that particular area. So I create a dynamic within our race between the White Rabbits and the Pink Rabbits.

    A little bit different from what most of your listeners would be used to. But it is tailor-made to an audience that is geared for fantasy.

    Greg: That brings me to another question which I think is really interesting. Your focus is on retail politics, staying on message, getting the Mantra out there.

    Horus: Sure

    Greg: Yet at the same time, there’s a large element of what I’ve seen of your podcasts and your website that’s sort of Jeff Rense-y/Art Bell-ish, and I was just scratching my head, thinking these two things don’t seem to fit together. Why don’t you explain that to me.

    Horus: Sure. You’re dealing with an audience that demands two things. There’s two things that everyone knows. One, Nazis sell. I take WWII revisionism from a radically different perspective. Two, aliens, that whole entire media genre, is huge. It’s the biggest thing online. The biggest bulletin boards online are Godlike Productions: a thousand times bigger than Stormfront, this thing is the top 1000 websites in the world or something like that. That’s all they’re dealing with, is aliens, and 90% of the audience is White.

    I have listeners that believe our enemy is from another world. I can’t prove that. You can’t disprove it. I don’t care about that. I’ll engage them on that as long as they’re willing to fight under our terms. So I find that the two, shockingly enough, marry quite well. We found that if you’re not talking about these two topics – and let’s face it, the Discovery Channel, the National Geographic Channel, they’re getting the same research that we got a hold of – these things sell! These are big, big buzzwords. Ancient Aliens and all these TV shows. We just married the two together. I just take it from a little bit different perspective.

    And there’s a lot of weird things about our enemy, our enemy’s ancient background, and all the crazy stuff they say. [laughs] So it kind of all goes together in some way, shape, manner, or form. But you see, putting a group together on a Consistent Message is incredibly easy.

    Here’s a talking point: when someone calls you a racist, all you say is, “In your opinion I’m a racist, you’re just saying that because I’m White. Anti-racism is just a codeword for anti-White.” That’s very easy. If you’re not on message — let’s say you’re a Republican commentator for the Republican Party going on Fox News, you’re going to have talking points; if you’re not on that, you’re fired. That’s very easy.

    We don’t have anyone in our employment; we’re trying to induce them into using our message. It’s called herding cats, actually; that’s what old Bob Whitaker calls it. It is the most difficult thing to do. I’m doing it just by accident, basically. Herding cats, you know, every barnyard herds cats differently. You can’t herd cats, basically. I just put out the right milk, and here they came, meow, meow, meow. It ended up working very, very well. But I’m talking about what they demand, what this audience demands we talk about to reach them at least.

    I’m just doing a little bit different format, and I’m the only one doing it from a racial perspective, what I call a legitimate White Rabbit perspective. And they’re not used to hearing race talked about in animals; I’m using an allegory so it catches them off guard. They’re used to standard-type racial banter, if you will, that maybe me or you would respond to. They don’t respond to that at all, obviously. [Laughs]

    But they are on the websites. They are looking for answers. They are asking some interesting questions. So that’s what we’re doing, basically. Sometimes we’re inserting the right questions to be asked. Sometimes we’re giving them the answers, and there’s all kind of interesting links on my website that they jump to. And obviously the site is very, very fast-growing.

    Greg: Tell us about your growth and your audience. How many people are involved in this? How many people listen to what you’re saying?

    Horus: Oh my . . . I don’t even know the number of terabytes now, because we’ve got secondary distributions, but we typically get anywhere from a half terabyte up to a terabyte and a half of downloads of Follow the White Rabbit series a month. There are about five hundred, closing in on six hundred subscribers to Endgame Exotica [6]. Now that is both free and paid, and we’ve got closing in on a hundred paid.

    So right now on BUGS swarm [8], which is online activism, the record was 81 activists posting the Mantra and reporting it, and there’s probably, our enemy would calculate, three times that number or something along that line. It’s probably double that number posting and reporting. We want 300 online. Which doesn’t sound like a big number but it doesn’t take a lot of people to get out a message if you have major media assets, and we have that online.

    I’m here to tell your listeners: you have major media assets. But you can own Fox News like the neocons, but if you’re not using it to control the message you ain’t going nowhere: someone’s gonna take it from you. So we’re using our media to control the message, to control the dialog basically. And we’re doing it, of course, with a Consistent Message.

    The New World Order is all about White Rabbit genocide, it’s all about our death. It doesn’t matter whether you worry about aliens, or [Laughs] the Jewish neocons. It doesn’t really matter which way you take it. That’s ultimately what it’s about. So fighting it is the most important thing.

    Under this system, this system is a very closed system. We model the fight against this system very similarly to the fight that Bob participated in against the Soviet Union, which wasn’t brought down with bombs and violence. It was brought down with its own contradictions. Put to the broken record strategy, which is just repeating a very effective Consistent Message over and over again into a populace.

    Greg: So, what is the Mantra? I’ve seen sort of various versions of it, and people even come to Counter-Currents thinking we need the Mantra, ourselves, repeated in our comments threads. But what is the Mantra? Can you explain that to us?

    Horus: I can give it to you. Anyone listening can go to WhiteRabbitRadio.net. I have an About [9] page that’s very thorough, and the Mantra is done by a beautiful White girl that has about a hundred thousand views now. Sooner or later they’ll probably take down the video and we’ll have to put it up somewhere else.

    The Mantra is simply a Consistent Message developed by a professional, Robert Whitaker, who has done this at a very high level. Taking down our enemy point by point, taking apart their terminology and imposing our new terminology: words like “anti-White.” And I can read it for you. Would you like to hear it? It’s very simple. It’s 222 words of an anti-White system-killing death, and there’s variations of it, but there’s one main mantra:

    Everybody says there’s this race problem. Everybody says this race problem will be solved when the Third World pours into every White country, and only into White countries. The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but no one says Japan or Taiwan will solve this race problem by bringing in millions of Third Worlders and “assimilating” with them. Everybody says the final solution to this race problem is for every White country – and only White countries – to “assimilate” i.e., intermarry, with all these non-Whites. What if I said there’s this race problem, and this race problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into every Black country and only into Black countries? How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about the race problem, I’m talking about the final solution to the Black problem? And how long would it take for any sane Black man to notice this, and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn’t object to this? But if I tell the obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I’m a Nazi who wants to kill six million Jews. They say they are anti-racist; what they are is anti-White. Anti-racism is just a codeword for anti-White.

    That is a whole entire Consistent Message. And I take the memes into bite size in the particular podcasts. But that is basically the Mantra. And I remade it for White Rabbit genocide by taking out, obviously, our race and putting in rabbit holes and White Rabbits.

    Greg: Okay, I recognize lots of different parts of that. So obviously you guys are very effective in circulating that out there. I hadn’t heard the whole thing together though.

    Let me just raise an objection; let me play devil’s advocate here.

    Horus: Sure

    Greg: Genocide. Don’t you think that’s a little overly dramatic? Isn’t–

    Horus: No, no. We don’t define genocide. International law defines genocide. Right now in Tibet — most people listening have heard of Tibetan genocide — they don’t understand what it was over. When you force—the Chinese flooded Tibet with Chinese and they were trying to force immigrate the Tibetan nomads, that’s labeled genocide.

    In Marin County, California, who’s targeted just because they’re White, and I know you guys would be up on this news. For forced integration, assimilation under Federal law, that’s considered progressive policy. These contradictions can only exist as long as we don’t point it out. I don’t have to prove it. I just have to point it out.

    The Soviet Union was a “Worker’s Paradise” that had to have guards at the border to keep people from leaving, guards with machine guns. That existed as long as no one stood up and said, “You know what? Why do you have to have a Worker’s Paradise?” And if you are a Worker’s Paradise—well, actually the Consistent Message was: “If you’re a Worker’s Paradise, why do you have to have guards at the border to keep people from leaving?” They were asking simple memes like this, pointing out the contradictions over and over again.

    That’s what we’re doing. We don’t define genocide; I would implore anyone that listens to look up genocide, and you’ll see that it covers exactly what’s going on in White countries and all White countries as done to them by the elites.

    Greg: That’s really good; that’s well-put. I understand that the UN defines genocide not simply as killing people, but as creating conditions that are inimical to a people’s long-term survival. So genocide can be something slow and subtle and creeping, but if the end of that trend is the extinction of a people then you’re committing genocide even if you might not have bloody hands at all.

    Horus: We are using it as a weapon. I don’t know exactly where parties— a Consistent Message does not come out by a professional for no reason, especially someone with Bob’s credentials. So I don’t know where it’s going. I’m just doing my particular job. But a Consistent Message like this is pretty strong language.

    We’re accusing someone of very big crimes. People say that, “well, you know, you can’t get busted for that” – Saddam Hussein – when you deal with tribunals and international law it scares the living daylights out of everyone simply because it always catches up with you. Saddam Hussein, it didn’t catch up with him for a series of years, but Saddam Hussein doesn’t get to say the Kurds were just a social construct. They hung him. Point blank.

    It has teeth. There’s a lot of fear involved in it. But it’s the truth. We’re just stating the objective truth. And it can exist as long as we’re not pointing out the contradictions. In fact, I have an upcoming animation that deals with this contradiction in a very raw way. Everyone White has been conditioned down two different angles, and we’re slamming these conditions together in an animation that points out that basically diversity and multiculturalism are a big scam. And the scam is that it’s only in White countries and all White countries, and that’s genocide. But we’re going about it a radically different way. It’s just the Mantra in live motion from something that would be very unexpected for most of the audience members that will first see it. We’re doing that right now.

    It’s a serious issue. It’s a big deal. And we’re using their own contradictions against them.

    Greg: That’s very interesting. Horus, tell us about your background, your education, your profession, and how did you get to become a thought criminal and get involved in all of this stuff?

    Horus: [Laughs] Well, I don’t go into my background on the different podcasts, so I’m not going to go into my background here. Even in Endgame Exotica I don’t go into my background. I’ll do that someday. I have no problems with doing it first on Counter-Currents. I don’t have anything to hide, but I’m a rabbit. I’m a character. And in what we’re doing we’re going to keep it that way for the time being.

    But obviously I have some knowledge of geopolitics, as anyone who’s listened to the podcast knows. I have some knowledge of geopolitical trends, and I use mainstream news sources to point out things over and over again to the audience to get them out of the current conditioning that all hope is lost.

    So obviously I have somewhat of a background in that. Anyone that listens is going to realize that. But I don’t go into personal issues, yet.

    Greg: We totally understand that. One of the basic rules I always preach about how this movement is going to function well is if we allow everybody to determine his or her own level of explicitness and involvement, and everybody just has to respect those decisions. And accept that everyone’s got their reasons.

    Horus: There’s a great deal of mystery behind the web, behind certain web personalities. For instance, we have a character named Edelheim. We have another famous character named Creator, Iceland Creator. These are powerhouse performers out there. But no one really knows their names. We have several different characters like that across the world, and we are keeping it that way, for now, for a particular reason. We have found that – with propaganda especially, with what we’re doing – there can be a certain advantage to it. And when you have something blow up in your face like we have, there can be a certain advantage.

    Now obviously if you went to the Stormfront conference and heard me speak you’d find out my name and everything else. Iit’s not that big of a deal. But for reasons of the internet, I’m a rabbit. [Laughs]

    Greg: All right, I totally get that and I respect that.

    Mike: I’m curious as to the step-by-step of how you were able to get the podcasts advertised. Did you just recruit people from Stormfront initially—

    Horus: I don’t ever, ever, appeal. We don’t ever appeal. That was a failed strategy. We never appeal to other pro-White dissidents. What I did from the beginning is look to attract the audience I want to move our message mainstream. And the way I patterned it is, you know, my audience moved 9/11 truth – whether you like that or not – they moved that mainstream in a period of months. They can do that. They can do that with our message. So I look to attract them with sound, with images, with buzzwords, and I did the same thing. I’m just using websites like Counter-Currents, or Stormfront that are so large, that they just happen to be surfing on them. That’s all I’m doing, I’m using it: they look at a picture and say, “Wow, what’s that White Rabbit? I’ve never seen that before.” They’re listening to the podcasts and are like, “I’ve never heard anything like this before from White Nationalists.” That’s what we want. We want something radically different, a curve ball.

    Greg: So do you read people like Savitri Devi or Miguel Serrano, some of the people who fuse White racialism with the kind of larger spiritual, mythical, gnostic worldview?

    Horus: I haven’t read Savitri Devi in years. Serrano I’ve read articles and excerpts by him, but I don’t own any of his books now. What I do read, basically because I have to cover alternative news and research, I read a particular character named Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, who’s not what you would think of as a racialist at all. Most of the stuff I read is not racialist. I just try to ferret out what’s going on from a racial perspective.

    That’s the type of thing I do. So no, I’m not well-read on any of the current publications or anything going on in that regard. But I do think there’s a huge, huge market for that. Our race tends to think in cosmic, mystical terms – or at least a huge portion of it does – so I think there’s a big attraction to that.

    Greg: I think it’s very valid to try and fuse practical politics with that kind of larger, mythological, mythical, allegorical perspective, for the reason that you give: that White people are imaginative, and if you don’t capture White people’s imaginations, you’re not going to motivate them to act. And so I’ve always been very critical of the so-called “mainstreamers” who think that you basically have to have a purely political message and not say anything that’s wild or kind of crazy.

    Horus: Well, we found that that failed.

    Greg: Yeah.

    Horus: [Laughs] We tried that, it failed. So that’s why I did this approach, I did something radically different. But I think it’s important to understand that when you have media dominance, sometimes your particular piece should go toward getting your audience to ask a different question or look at a question a different way, instead of just trying to pour information.

    One of the challenges with pro-White dissents, or any type of dissent group, is they tend to want to give their whole entire message out immediately. And that’s fine if you never get a chance to speak. But if you have media dominance online, you can do a lot of things. In fact, in our first animation we don’t do anything like name our enemy. Most of the characters you see are non-White and White. We’re doing an interplay, but what we’re going to get the audience to do by watching it, they’re going to be asking questions.

    When you have media dominance, someone can look who’s behind multiculturalism, who’s behind egalitarianism. You Google that, immediately you’re going to find our stuff. It may not be my stuff or your stuff, but they’re going to find Dr. David Duke eventually. We don’t have to insult an audience. We have such media power that you don’t have to say everything; you can get very creative, using a lot of different things, a lot of different techniques that could be employed that aren’t being deployed. Simply because we are acting like we don’t have a platform to speak. You have on the internet some of the most dominant websites on the internet: Stormfront is huge.

    What you have to do is start segmenting and trying to get creative in getting them to ask the right questions and not giving them all the answers up front. Not giving them everything upfront. One of the great things about a Consistent Message is it moves you from the defensive to the offensive. We’ve found that our race doesn’t respond to anything defensive: they want it loud, they want fast, they want aggressive. And that can only be done with some type of offense. And this system, it’s done with some type of message. Some type of core message that attacks. They want simple things at first.

    Our enemy does this very well. They don’t walk in and just start brainwashing White kids. That wasn’t all they did. They did something very, very simple every time they did their brainwashing and guilt-tripping. They said, “If you see anyone, anyone acting intolerant” – one of their big buzzwords – “that doesn’t like multiculturalism, all you do is yell, ‘RAAAAACIST.’” They did that. And most of the crowd wouldn’t do it. But one kid in the room will do it. Well, we’re looking for that one kid willing to stand up on a message and just hammer them. And we’re getting them. We’re getting them.

    That’s what we’re looking to do. We’re looking basically to almost undo what they’ve done.

    Greg: We’re trying to get our website and our particular message out there. We want to make progress; we want to attract listeners, readers, donors, and so forth. What would you recommend that Counter-Currents do?

    Horus: Well, I think the genius of publishing that isn’t listened to, as someone that has done a lot of mainstream publishing – under his own name he’s only done a few books, but under other names he’s done a lot of ghost-writing for parties out of Washington – is Bob Whitaker. If you look at Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar, you look at WhitakerOnline.org and go to the blog, you see that every piece is short: very, very short. He doesn’t believe that book sales will work the same way it did in the past. And so he has a lot of very good opinions about that.

    I’m not a publisher, and I don’t practice the art of writing in a conventional sense. I’m geared, from listening to Bob’s advice, to only writing scripts, which I don’t have a background in. It’s something we’re learning.

    And of course, there’s very few places to learn because everything Hollywood does is unacceptable to me. [Laughs]

    But we’re geared for short, fast, aggressive. He believes that’s the future; he doesn’t think that’s going to change. And I guess there’s a great deal to learn from that because it seems to be working.

    Mike: I think there’s a huge untapped potential in video creation. You talked about what you’re doing with animation, and I also noticed on your website the featured video on White genocide: I watched that, and it struck me at first as kind of silly and what not, but it stuck in my head.


    Horus: That is the Mantra put to pop music. Now I thought that song was very irritating when I first heard it, but you got to understand that I have a whole section of my audience that’s well under 30, and that was done by someone, I’m guessing he is not 23 years old. I only know him as Johnny White Rabbit, that’s all I care about. Now, I don’t do any of that, it just comes to my mailbox and I’m always shocked and stunned. But it’s good!

    They’ve taken that off YouTube so many times — I don’t know what the reasons are — and we just keep putting it back up. It’s got thousands upon thousands of views, and then they take it down and we put it back up. We have several different distribution channels to play this game with them.

    We have several different videos like that. It’s very good. It’s not necessarily the type of music I would necessarily turn to on the radio station, but I got a lot of listeners who think it’s catchy. So we’ll go with it.

    Greg: It’s insidiously catchy.

    Horus: Yeah, it’s is. [Laughs]

    Greg: The way every good pop song is.

    Horus: This is the type of thing that drives our enemy nuts. They can’t really do anything about it. It’s just smacking them in the face over and over again with a Consistent Message. Because if you lose control of the message in any of our societies — in any society built by White people, it doesn’t matter if it’s a dictatorship – if you lose control of the message, you lose everything. That’s what we’ve seen. Our race was never, ever lost with a gunfight or anything like that. It was lost because we lost control of the message. And what we’re doing at Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar at WhitakerOnline.org and WhiteRabbitRadio.net is simply a study in regaining control of the message.

    And that happens culture-wide.

    Mike: I’ve seen, too, that humor has a tendency to drop people’s guard against receiving a message. And I wonder if there has been any attempt to do that in your podcasts

    Horus: Yeah. It’s very fast-moving; it’s very humor-oriented; we make fun of the enemy all the time. In the first animation, it’s really making fun of the left-wing. It’s really embarrassing; from the scenes I’ve seen. It comes out as good as it should. They won’t like it. It’s really uncomfortable. It’s really uncomfortable, in fact it’ll probably be controversial . . . maybe even to some White Nationalists that won’t understand what we’re doing at first. [Laughs]

    But yeah, we’re making fun of an enemy. And making fun of an enemy – they can’t handle that. They want to be taken so seriously. And they’re just plain silly. They’re genocidal freaks, basically.

    Greg: Horus, tell me, what do you think the endgame is? What are your goals? What are you trying to do?

    Horus: My job was just to get out a message and I will continue doing that by any means necessary. Legally, of course.

    Now, once every White kid in Western Civilization hears the message, we’ll come up with some different ideals. I don’t really worry about that. I just worry about my own little particular function. And many believe that’s why it’s been so successful. I don’t get involved in all that. I figure some brilliant White Nationalist will have some total dynamic plan for the universe or something. [Laughs]

    I don’t worry about all that. I just worry about getting out a message. So I don’t have one. I’m not worried about developing one.

    I know our enemies are preparing to go for their New World Order, the vaunted New World Order. I used to think this type of thing was a black-helicopter-conspiracy-joker’s type thing. They’re getting ready to go for something quite big, and I think they’re going to fall on their face. And we’re at the foreground of fighting it with the Consistent Message, which is the only game going right now in this particular society. And actually, as the planet is geared: if you’re looking to fight the system in China you’re going to have to do so with propaganda and a Consistent Message in some way, with the internet. So we’re not doing anything different than anyone else in some other society, we‘re just doing it from a different perspective.

    But the New World Order always goes toward White Rabbit genocide. It always goes to our death, whether it’s by some perverted means or not, you know. What they’re trying to, obviously, is create a blended humanity in only White countries, which is kind of odd. [Laughs] It’s kind of exotic. But that’s what they’ve been geared up to try to do.

    Well, the whole entire intentions of our enemies? I get into speculation on that in Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit answering questions. I don’t really know that. Like I say in the “About,” it’s a very exotic thing. The Emperor of China doesn’t try to create a blended humanity in only China. He might whack some Chinese. But that’s a very exotic thing. We have a very interesting enemy, who’s basically trying to create a blended humanity.

    I mean, every position they argue always leads us to a world without any White people. Or White people get blended out of existence, which is the same thing. Every policy they’ve put in place in the past 50-70 years would lead to a world without any White people, but no one ever really calls them out on that. That’s genocide.

    Greg: Right. Who else besides Bob Whitaker on the scene today, in your opinion, is worth following? When you around the internet on your daily blog search, who are you reading?

    Horus: I got a podcast to put out all the time these days, so I’m doing mainstream news sources and looking at the news from a radically different perspective. I was just on the David Duke show on Rense Radio, and I’ve been on there now I think four times. David is very, very well-read, very much out there. Bob is pretty much the first go-to. Amren if I’m interested in what’s going on as far as actual, real news of what’s going on, like this big crime, this big dilemma going on in Florida between this half-Hispanic/half-White shooter and this Black kid. I’ll go to Amren to find out the truth on that.

    I basically just go down my blogroll, if you can believe that. Occidental Dissent. I should have Counter-Currents on there now . . .  I have a whole row down my blogroll I go to once a week.

    Incogman.net always has some funny, humorous articles about the Jews. You can go down my blogroll at WhiteRabbitRadio.net and see all the different things I read. I peruse them all the time. The Political Cesspool has an interesting blog . . . that’s basically it for the explicit White side of the equation. But there’s a whole list on my blogroll and I go down them at least once a week.

    Greg: That’s great. I’ll definitely check that out. I’m always looking for new sources of information.

    Mike: You said earlier that you were able to place an ad on Rense.com. How difficult was that?

    Horus: Very difficult. What I did was something radically different than what most would do: I hired a public relations firm. [Laughs]

    I didn’t hire them directly. I just said I’m a fast-growing website, and I got a hold of a few that handle internet advertising, and I wanted advice on how to get through to the alternative news and research sites because the ads are expensive, and they don’t take just any inquiry seriously for some reason.

    And so basically one particular individual picked up and said “we’ll take it for free and place your particular ads where you want them.” And they tried several different websites that said, “No way.” [Laughs]

    But Rense said – and Rense has always been at the foreground of anti-Zionism – and they liked that Pink Rabbit. If you go to RenseRadio.com you’re going to see a blinking Pink Rabbit, it says “Down with Pink Rabbit” and it links to my site.

    We also have rotationals on Rense.com directly, and we’re on a waiting list for other ads on Rense.com.

    But basically we went through a third party that deals with Rense. And they got it on there, and they haven’t had a problem with it. Obviously, the site is controversial. We’re taking basically—if you look at our t-shirt, you’re looking at the stuff we’re doing — we’re taking something that almost looks mainstream and attaching it to a very radical message.

    Mike: How expensive was it, in the end, for all this?

    Horus: It’s expensive. Rotational ads aren’t that bad: $850 maybe for four months, and we cut a better deal than that. Direct ads can start at $500 a month. Direct hardlinks like on Rense Radio can go all the way up to $8,000-10,000 a month, but the ads definitely work.

    We also have ads on Don and Derek Black’s radio show. We’re going to have a direct link ad on the front of Stormfront. We have an ad on Incogman.net, which isn’t all that expensive: he gave us a very good deal. We’ve looked on any avenue that will let us put up on ad and we pay for them.

    As long as it’s a good deal based on the price, based on the traffic. Most of our new traffic is not coming from White Nationalism – only about half. Most of our new subscribers are coming directly from alternative news and research, which is where we want to be. Infowars.com is the famous Alex Jones site [Laughs] – they wouldn’t talk to us. They won’t let us anywhere near their stuff. But you know, it’s just hit or miss. You got to try.

    Mike: What’s your next project that you’re working on. You mentioned animation?

    Horus: We have a huge, somewhere around ten-minute, animation with original music coming out. It’s going to be a shocker. It’s very mainstream, but it’s going to evoke questions in the average White viewer. It’s reality-based – most of the stuff I deal with on WhiteRabbitRadio.net is all fantasy based – but this is a reality-based animation. I have ideas for fantasy-based and reality-based; this is reality-based. It is a big production. It’s going to be very over the top, and it’ll be coming to my website probably sometime after Easter. Right now, it’s in the animation stage. All the scripts are done, basically, the sound part is recorded and everything. We are in the animation stage. It’s just very, very time-consuming. Animation is a lot of work, actually.

    It has the potential to be a blockbuster, basically. We’ve got all our different channels ready to carry it.

    It’s going to evoke a response — no doubt about that – from the audience. We’re basically taking two major lines of programing. Everyone White on this planet has been programed to believe one thing; we don’t fight it. And they’ve also experienced something, implicitly, in their life. They’ve experienced some type of programing. And we take these two things that aren’t connected and connect them, violently.

    It’s very over the top, and it’s based on historical facts: a fact of history that our enemy always deals with. You’ll have to see it.

    That’s our first production. Our second production is on Israel, which will be even more controversial. But that’s what we’re doing.

    Mike: I’m curious to your thoughts on the success of the Kony 2012 video.

    Horus: Well, what’s going on among the Anglo-American elite — Jew and Gentile alike – when I talk about them I’m talking about the English-speaking world: they basically control the English-speaking world, and they have inroads in Belgium and Germany and obviously they’re at war with Russia on any given morning. But there’s a big problem: China’s taking over Africa. And so Africom is there; they have “al-Qaeda” moving into Africa; and they brought out this huge propaganda piece, Kony 2012, because they want to put more Marines on the ground. There’s Marines on the ground in Africa; they want to keep inserting them.

    There’s a problem with China. Our enemy at the top is trying to pull some moves on China, they’re trying to cut off their natural resources, and their big line to natural resources is obviously Africa. If they don’t want to take whole parts of Africa by themselves.

    But Kony 2012 is a propaganda attempt to justify putting more and more troops on the ground in Africa and Africom. And it’s a pretty good propaganda attempt. The problem is, when it comes to alternative news and research, when it comes to the different media, everyone’s become so skeptical they know there’s an agenda here. They don’t buy into it all. So it’s kind of interesting.

    But that’s what’s going on in my mind. To my listeners, that’s my opinion. It’s a brilliant piece of propaganda because it has so many hits. But there are some interesting parties and moves behind it. It has something to do with China in Africa, and the Anglo-American elite, Jew and Gentile alike: moves against China in Africa. And they’re using al-Qaeda and Kony 2012 as a cover for getting more and more military there. You know there’s always a big problem in Africa you could do some big heartrending film on.

    Greg: Well I think that pretty much covers it. Horus, thank you very much for being with us and answering some questions. What’s that URL again?

    Horus: WhiteRabbitRadio.net [4]

    Greg: Thank you very much.

    Horus: Thank you for having me on the show.


    (Review Source)
  • Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 158 Interview with Oscar Turner

    [1]46:04 / 176 words

    To listen in a player, click here [2].

    To download the mp3, right-click here [2] and choose “save target or link as.”

    To subscribe to our podcasts, click here [3] for iTunes and here [4] for RSS.

    Greg Johnson interviews video-maker Oscar Turner of OmniPhi Media [5] and Counter-CurrentsTV. Topics discussed include:

    • Oscar’s life, education, and awakening
    • The influence of William Pierce and David Duke
    • Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism
    • Eugenics and transhumanism
    • How he got started making videos
    • The Cosmotheism Trilogy [6]
    • His favorite videos
    • George Lincoln Rockwell: American National Socialism [7]
    • The European Giant [8]
    • How long it takes to create his videos
    • How he paces his videos
    • His software
    • How he learned video making
    • His musical training
    • Leo Yankevich’s “Epilogue” from Tikkun Olam [9]
    • His favorite film directors
    • His favorite YouTube channels
    • Satire and parody songs
    • The emerging Alt Right media
    • The Donald Trump phenomenon
    • His career plans
    • Jason Russell’s Kony 2012 and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth
    • How to get in touch with Oscar and see his work: http://www.omniphi.tv/ [10], omniphimedia@gmail.com [11]
    • Reasons for optimism
    • Combating alienation and building real-world communities

    (Review Source)

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