China's Hollywood Coup!

A great Daily Show-esque YouTube channel that covers all things China related. Here are 3 of their videos that explains China’s nefarious influences in Western media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: More staff picks:

KTTH's List of Best Conservative Movies

KTTH’s list of best conservative movies The Wolverines resistance group from the 1984 film “Red Dawn” starring Patrick Swayze.  Most of what Hollywood produces is either gory, depraved garbage or left-wing propaganda. However, every once in a while, Hollywood will make a movie that truly speaks to conservative values. With input from KTTH host David…

Top 3 Anti-romance Flicks - Rebel Media

Normally  Rebel Media, (the Canadian right wing news source famous for its contributors: Gavin Mcinnes and Lauren Southern), posts about politics. But one of their hosts, David menzoid Menzies made a video about the 3 most anti-romance films “of all time.” [Source] More staff picks: