Fake News IMPLODES - Rachel Maddow Cries

The Russia investigation comes to an end, and what we all knew finally gets proven: The Mueller investigation is complete and this is a simple fact that will never go away: not one single American was charged, indicted or convicted for conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 election – not even a low-level volunteer….

Hot Mic Hypocrite - Jim Jeffries Finally Got Caught!

(Language warning!) Avi Yemini, (a Jewish Australian rightwing YouTuber), was interviewed and taken out of context as we all know the MSM tends to do. But he wasn’t as stupid as most of the willing victims who go on the show. Instead, he filmed the whole thing. And was lucky enough to get Jim Jefferies…

Tommy Robinson Exposes BBC Fake News

Tommy Robinson got wind of a documentary being made about him, trying to defame him. And in a Judo move he turned his disgruntled ex colleague, (being targeting by corrupt and biased journalists), into a double agent against them. Well worth the watch. Especially since you get to see the scummy journo squirm when confronted…

Steven Crowder's Full Anti-Oscars Livestream

ABC filed a copyright strike and got Steven Crowder‘s channel shut down mid stream. He went to Facebook to continue the stream. More details, links, and tweets about this event can be found at our friend’s site, Society-Reviews: Disney Shuts Down Steven Crowder’s Academy Awards Livestream Disney Shuts Down Steven Crowder’s Academy Awards Livestream Crowder…

Why Andrew Klavan Must Love STFU Hollywood • com

Here at STFU Hollywood, we get a lot of flak for our name by fellow right wingers. Which for the record, is pronounced [es-tee-ef-yoo], and stands for “shut the frick up.” But even if it stood for “shut the f**k up” we would still stand by it.  (Sheesh, lotta’ standing going on.) And if you…

RamzPaul Breaks Down Why Movie Critics Lie

RAMZPAUL breaks down why you can’t trust professional movie review critics: (Bitchute backup.) The tweet he mentions: Battlestar Galactica Asian vs. #LastJedi Asian. Obviously, The First Order failed to cut off the #Resistance supply line of food. pic.twitter.com/5NyvMykzNr — RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) December 19, 2017 The quick run down about the SJW’s attacking him for it:…

Bias, Corruption & Coercion: Why The BBC Must Be Denationalised

Great breakdown of BBC’s corruption and mafia style protection propaganda racket. From the British ex-pat YouTuber, On The Offensive. Check it out:  ↑   Language warning.   ↑ (Sources of above comics from the artist Stone Toss: 1, 2, 3 .)

Daredevil (Netflix) Season 3 Review - The Rageaholic

The YouTuber , Razör Fist, made a video about the subtle #Resist elements and symbolism of Daredevil as well as a video reviewing the third season. Check ’em out: (Back up videos also uploaded on BitChute here and here  in case of censorship.)

Battlefield V: Inclusive Revisionism

The YouTuber , American Krogan, made a video about the historical inaccuracy and SJW subversion of the Battlefield series. Check it out: (Cartoon via Wormwood.) Also Mark Collett has a nice break down here:

Breaking the Power of Anti-White Media

The YouTuber , Way of the World, made a video about the double standards and Emperor’s New Clothes elements of the Mainstream Media. Check it out: (And here is a BitChute mirror link in the likely event of YouTube censorship.)

Insider Gossip on the Creepy SJW Subversion of Cartoons

The YouTuber , EZ PZ, made a video about the overly sexual elements of a new Disney cartoon called “Star v.s. the Forces of Evil .” Shortly afterwards, he was contacted by an animator who worked for Cartoon Network and wanted to blow the whistle on the incestual relationships / takeover of the industry by…

How to get / watch movies for free!

WHAT? WHY? At the very least cut the cord because, (as John Nolte points out here and here), even if you only watch the Golf Channel, the cable companies bundle CNN and ESPN forcing you to subsidize their propaganda. Likewise, Netflix hired Obama and has creepy pedo shows, so they’re not a great alternative either….

Marvel Cuts SJW Agenda After Losing BIG BUCK$

Marvel To Depoliticize Its Comics After Social Justice Storytelling Experiment Photo Illustration by Mario Tama/Staff via Getty Images BY: FRANK CAMP FEBRUARY 7, 2017 In recent years, Marvel comics has led a progressive revolution, changing their superheroes into social justice warriors, and their villains into thinly veiled “conservatives.” One story saw Iron Man as a…